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Tony Kaye is ready to return to the set with a story that looks quite interesting and relevant. During a new interview with Deadline, the filmmaker has shared some details about his next project, African History Y, an ambitious title that aims to triumph at the top. We all remember his impressive American History X – 83% with Edward Norton, released in 1998, a deep and raw story worth returning to from time to time. In the following paragraphs we share all the information released by Kaye for the news outlet on what you now have in mind.

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On American history XDerek Vineyard (Edward Norton) Derek Vineyard is on parole after serving 3 years in prison for brutally killing two black men who tried to steal his truck. Through the narration of his brother, Danny Vineyard (Edward Furlong), we learn that before he went to prison, Derek was a skinhead and the leader of a violent gang of white supremacists who committed acts of racial crime in Los Angeles. and his actions greatly influenced Danny. Reformed and fresh out of prison, Derek cuts off contact with the gang and is determined to stop Danny from following the same violent path as him.

In accordance with Kaye, African History Y will be starring Djimon Hounsou (¡Shazam!- 88%, Gladiator – 76%, How to Train Your Dragon 2 – 92%), a very talented actor whom we have seen in numerous films; he has been nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and much more. For Deadline, This was what he said Tony Kaye about its star actor:

Djimon and I met right after I did American History X. It was a cathartic reunion and I knew right away that he was an actor I had to work with. The material had to be correct and, thank God, we now have a project to work on together. The color cameras inside my head are ready to go in Africa.

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For its part, Djimon Hounsou He is very pleased with the project and is convinced that the film will be powerful, a bastion for African narratives and an impetus for the industry to continue granting opportunities to these types of stories, which are so necessary in these times. You can read his statements below:

African History And it couldn’t have come at a better time as I explore bringing more extraordinary African stories to the world. I’m excited to be working with Tony, and it’s a predetermined thing that he and I have come full circle to work together.

No in-depth details about the plot have been revealed but at least Deadline confirms that it is a tragic story, loaded with the classic redemption that everyone seeks. What new limits and fibers are you about to touch and exceed? It is unknown whether at any point he will maintain any connection with American History XMaybe not, especially with the anecdotes about how bad Tony had it during the filming and the legendary bad experiences. The script will be in charge of the own Tony Kaye in company of Jason string and Charles chanchori.

Tony Kaye It has been on the Hollywood blacklist for many years but is about to return with a title that could perhaps remind us a little of its success of yesteryear, or perhaps it is surpassed altogether. There are no more details about the filming and the release date but it is clear that it is already one of the most anticipated titles. For its part, Djimon Hounsou will appear soon in A Quiet Place Part II – 93%, a film that was delayed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic but is highly anticipated by those who were fascinated with the first installment.

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