Disagree with Gala Sky being treated by Aunt Ardiansyah’s younger siblings, Nikita Mirzani: Emotions are still unstable : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actress Nikita Mirzani disagree if Gala Sky is fully treated by Aunt Ardiansyah’s siblings, namely Fuji and Fadly, when the custody of the one-year-old child falls into the hands of Faisal, Vanessa Angel’s father-in-law.

“If you adopt a child, it’s better to take care of your aunt’s parents, not to her sister, not to anyone else,” he said Nikita at Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, Monday (13/12/2021).


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According to Nikita, Bibi’s younger siblings are still very young. He worries that they have not been able to take care of a child in the midst of their lives as teenagers.

“Because we know his name is ABG, his emotions are still unstable, up and down, every day can go out somewhere,” said Nikita.

“If a child is raised in the hands of a nurse, it’s very dangerous, because there is a mother, I really know how to take care of a child, especially when she is often abandoned, her life is with the nurse and it is recorded with the child, the child’s life will be damaged, right,” he continued.

As is known, Nikita is indeed highlighting Aunt Ardiansyah’s sisters. It started when Fuji, Vanessa Angel’s sister -in -law, allegedly asked for Rp30 million to be a guest star on the YouTube channel program Langit Entertainment that she piloted.

His annoyance then spread for a long time. Nikita even wrote a satire for Aunt’s sisters, Fuji and Fadly, who are said to be hooked on the nightlife.

“I’m jealous of the two of them? Who are they? Both of them like clubbing. Still small, right? I’m jealous of the Kim Kardashian family,” Nikita wrote on Insta Story.