Doddy Sudrajat and Haji Faisal’s meeting is guarded by security officers : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTADoddy Sudrajat just visited his big house, Haji Faisal, Sunday (16/1/2022) morning. The arrival of Vanessa Angel’s late father also caught the attention of local security officers.

Three security officers immediately guarded Haji Faisal’s house when Vanessa Angel’s father visited. Doddy Sudrajat also known to invite his team of attorneys.


– Doddy Sudrajat Finally Meets Haji Faisal

– Visit Haji Faisal’s House, Doddy Sudrajat Wants To Take Gala Sky For A Walk

However, Faisal said his meeting this time with the besan went well. However, he has not given permission to Doddy Sudrajat to take Gala Sky out for a walk.

“I arrived here, indeed Pak Doddy’s purpose here is good. He wants to meet Gala, apparently Gala is still sleeping and he wants to take her to play,” said Faisal in the Srengseng area, West Jakarta, Sunday (16/1/2022) .

“I said of course because I’m in a foreign environment, so Gala will cry or fuss, so if the meeting comes later, I’ll just say it,” he added.

On the other hand, Faisal hopes that the dispute over Gala Sky’s custody can end quickly. He said the lawyers could also be a good liaison in the midst of the feud between the two.

“Yes, with grace, Mr. Doddy said yes, okay, there is no problem, Mr. Doddy also accepted and God willing, in the future between me and Pak Doddy through my lawyer I can find solutions for this dispute. Hopefully the lawyer can mediate,” he said.