Doddy Sudrajat Intentions to Move Vanessa’s Grave, Celine Evangelista Comments Like This: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Actress Celine evangelista participated in responding to the news about the grave of his best friend, Vanessa Angel, which was planned to be moved. He admitted that he knew nothing about this.

Nevertheless, Celine evangelista admitted that he regretted it if it actually happened. “I can’t say anything. But I’m very sorry, I hope everything is fine,” said Celine Evangelista as quoted from Starpro Indonesia, Sunday (5/12/2021).


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Stefan William’s ex-wife also doesn’t seem to want Vanessa’s body to be separated from her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah. He then asked for a prayer so that the plan did not happen.

“I saw him immediately weak, just pray for it,” he said.

Previously, Vanessa Angel’s father, Doddy Sudrajat, wanted to move the child’s grave. He claimed to have a dream visited by the mother of one child. In her dream, Vanessa wants to be buried near her mother’s grave.

“It was a dream, Vanessa wanted to be buried with her mother, it was a dream, her request was like that,” said Doddy.

Even Doddy admitted that Vanessa’s wish had been expressed by the child for a long time. This was said to him during a pilgrimage at his mother’s grave.

On the other hand, the tomb guard at the Malacca TPU, Bambang said Doddy had not discussed the matter with his party. He also regretted that the actress’ grave was moved.

“It’s not arbitrary, there is a decision. It’s a shame that people have calmed down,” he said.