Doddy Sudrajat: Mayang and Chika’s careers are getting brighter in 2022 : Okezone Celebrity

DODDY Sudrajat, the father of the late Vannesa Angel, has a new hope in 2022. He prays for Mayang and Chika so that their careers in the entertainment world will be even more brilliant.

Doddy also hopes that 2022 will be a better year for his family in particular. Not only that, he also has special hopes for his two children, Mayang and Chika.

“Hopefully 2022 will be a better year than this year. Especially for our family. For me and for Mama Puput,” said Doddy Sudrajat, quoted from YouTube Intense Investigation, Sunday (2/1/2022).

“For Chika and Mayang, both are schools from their careers, it will get even better, later their careers will be in 2022,” he continued.

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It is known, Mayang and Chika want to experience the world of singing as a duo singer. As a father, Doddy hopes that 2022 will be a good start for the careers of his two daughters.

“2022 we will become even better individuals. It will be a career for Mayang and Chika, hopefully in 2022 it will be even more brilliant,” hoped Doddy.

On the other hand, Doddy Sudrajat hopes that his two daughters will always remember their parents. Not to forget, this 49-year-old man also advised his son not to leave his five daily prayers.

“And for Chika’s sister and Mayang’s sister, don’t forget to always remember your parents. Children hope for parents. Don’t forget to pray five times a day,” concluded Doddy.

As is known, recently the two sisters of the late Vanessa Angel released their debut cover songs through YouTube shows. In the music video, Mayang and Chika sing the song Yesterday, created by Seventeen, which is specially dedicated to their late brother.

They also appeared in the 40 daily event of their late brother.