Don’t Get Bored This Summer: New Movistar + Movies And Series In August

Series that arrive at Movistar + in August 2021

On the hunt for love – August 2

Miniseries set in Europe before World War II, in which they play two women eager to start living and find a husband. Adaptation of the 1945 Nancy Mitford novel.

The Black Book – August 10

Six-chapter miniseries set in the 18th century that narrates the harshness of slavery in the United States, where a woman is kidnapped in West Africa and sold as a slave in South Carolina, and will pass through Sierra Leone or Nova Scotia. Based on the novel of the same name.

Riverdale S5 (Part Two) – August 12

The second part of the fifth season of Riverdale arrives after the break. In it, old ghosts and new mysteries await the protagonists, where, after graduation, they will have to continue saving the city.

L: Generation Q Q2 – August 15

Second season of the LGTBIQ + series that deals with topics such as love, lack of love, sex or contradictions.

Everything is going to be fine S2 – August 20

After returning from New York, Nicholas, Mathilda, Genevieve and Alex try to survive confined to their home in Los Angeles during the pandemic, where many will rethink their future.

Silent Witness S23 – August 20

Twenty-third season of suspenseful police thriller longest in broadcast today, where the protagonists will have to solve five mysterious crimes.

Conviction – August 23

Miniseries starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham. This prison drama delves into the British prison system, showing two faces: that of a prisoner starting his sentence, and that of one of the prison officials.

Films coming to Movistar + in August 2021

movistar premieres August 2021

The Queen Bee Club (2021) – Wednesday, August 4

The first film to arrive next month is a romantic comedy, where an old woman, after agreeing to move into a nursing home, meets a group of women and a widower who seeks to win her over.

Take me home (2019) – Tuesday, August 10

Korean thriller about a missing child and a mother who will do everything possible to find him. A clue will lead her to a fishing village where corrupt cops may have the answers to her mystery.

Listen (2020) – Tuesday, August 10th

British-style social drama that won five awards at the Venice Film Festival. It is set in the suburbs of London, following a working-class Portuguese immigrant family who has trouble maintaining parental rights to their three children.

City of Lies (2018) – Friday, August 13

Dramatic thriller starring Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker based on true events, which chronicles the investigation of rappers Tupac Shakur in 1996, and that of The Notorious BIG in 1997 in retaliation.

Clifton Hill (2019) – Wednesday, August 18

Thriller set in Clifton Hill, a decrepit Ontario town near Niagara Falls. In it, a young woman plays Abby, who witnessed the kidnapping of a child who was missing an eye. No one believes her, but Abby goes back to Clifton Hill to really find out what happened. The film is greatly influenced by works by David Lynch such as Twin Peaks, and how what seems like an ideal town is revealed that hides very dark secrets.

Danny Boy (2021) – Wednesday, August 25

Drama based on the true story of an English soldier who goes from hero in Iraq to alleged war criminal.

Burn (2019) – Saturday, August 28

Thriller with touches of black humor that takes place in a gas station during a violent and strange night. A young, inexperienced robber (played by Josh Hutcherson) tries to rob a gas station. One of the two young women who works at the gas station begins to feel a connection with the criminal, but the situation quickly becomes complicated.

SamSam (2019) – Sunday, August 29

First film of the popular cartoon character SamSam. In it, the protagonist is concerned because he has not yet discovered what his particular cosmic power is. If he does not discover it soon, the dictator of the planet March will be able to achieve his dream: to erase the laughter of all the children of the galaxy.