“Don’t we know each other? Your husband invited me to the wedding “

Nathalie Caldonazzo she has recently entered the Gf Vip but is already inside all the dynamics. To enter the viewfinder this time it was Carmen Russo, but not only her also her husband Enzo Paolo Turchi. The controversy broke out at the end of the last nominations when Caldonazzo saw Carmen raise the paper with her face. It was not possible to give an explanation to that gesture, the showgirl who was convinced the two were friends.

House split due to quarrels. Nathaly Caldonazzo: “It’s the point of no return”

Tonight Alfonso Signorini returned to the subject and showed Nathalie a clip in which the dancer denounces the falsehoods said by the woman, apart from some occasion of show salons according to Carmen, the two would never have met. But Nathalie doesn’t want to go from being a liar: “How do you say this? THEor I was invited to your wedding, Carmen».

Katia’s strategy works: she is now immune. “I don’t want to go in front of the public”

Gf vip, the “marriage” case

The incredulous and increasingly doubting dancer denies denies and then the showgirl raises the bar: «Enzo Paolo called me and invited me». Russo doesn’t believe her at all: «It must have been Enzo Paolo’s sister». Offended and certain of his statements, Caldonazzo, who has known the ballerina’s husband for some time because her mother is a choreographer, confirms certain: «No: it was him. I’m not making this up». At this point the conductor wants the truth and invites the production to contact Enzo Paolo Turchi to find out his version. And Nathalie, before the chat ends, sinks even further: “I Enzo Paolo heard him even before entering the gf, he called me”, the surprised Russo replies: “I didn’t even know he had your number”

Last updated: Saturday 8 January 2022, 12:58