Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani Celebrate One Year of Dating : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Celebrity couples, Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani have just celebrated one year of dating. This is known from Maia Estianty’s child upload on Instagram Monday, September 27, 2021.

In the uploaded photo, Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani compactly wore white outfits and both wore sneakers. The actress smiled sweetly as she wrapped her left hand around her waist to her lover.


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The couple’s anniversary celebration was even more complete with a piece of cake with a garnish of “Happy Anniversary Dull & Tiss.”

Exactly one year ago, Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani’s third child asked Tissa to be his girlfriend. In the photo caption, Dul reminisced about when Tissa accepted Dul as her lover. Romantically, Dul expressed how happy he was at that time with a poetic sentence.

“Exactly a year ago, my love asked you ‘Will you be my lover?’ and my heart melted like snow when you said you wanted to be my lover,” wrote Dul Jaelani as quoted from Instagram, Tuesday (28/9/2021).

The mother, Maia Estianty, also commented on the post of her third child. “Sweet, miss everyone,” said Maia in the comments column.

In addition, Netizens also prayed for Dul and Tissa’s relationship to last forever. “Continue to be happy for you, I hope that your good prayers will come true soon, Amen. It will last forever,” wrote netizens.

“Happy anniversary Dultis, may you always be filled with happiness, blessings, facilitated the path to halal, kept away from tyrannical people, brought closer to sincere people,” said another.

“Congratulations anniv for Tissa and Sul, hopefully it will last until it’s halal, amen,” said another.