Eleonora Pedron, the former Miss Italy and long-distance love with Fabio Troiano: “Marriage? We’re fine this way”

Love at full speed between Eleonora Pedron e the actor Fabio Troiano. Linked since 2019, the couple is solid and stable, despite the distance: she lives in Montecarlo with the children of her ex-partner Max Biaggi, he in Rome, where he was born and raised. “We know that what unites us is something very strong. And for a relationship like this we are willing to face everything “declared the former miss Italy, today at the helm of the program by La7 Beautiful inside beautiful outside, at the weekly Di Più Tv.

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It seems that for the couple there are no revolutionary projects: there is no prospect of another child or marriage: “We’re fine like this,” says Pedron. “Marriage? For the moment not even that is planned. We’ll see. I learned not to make too many plans, but to enjoy the small, big joys of every day. Also because I already have a very full life like this: I have my children, Fabio, my job ».

Although Fabio Troiano never became a father, Eleonora Pedron explained that her boyfriend is not looking for one paternity at all costs. He is happy with the bond he has established with the sons of Eleonora, whom she got to know some time ago.

The soubrette is never involved in wedding, not even with the ex Max Biaggi, with whom he lived a long love story that lasted twelve years, never married because Biaggi has always been contrary with orange blossom. And even if, Elelonora dreamed of wearing the white dress but she has adapted to the request of her former partner.

Between her TV program and her children, Pedron also found time to return at the University: enrolled in the Faculty of Psychology. She has already passed all the exams of the first year and is now busy with those of the second.

Last updated: Saturday 16 October 2021, 4:56 pm