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The tech leader has been divorced three times.

After three years of relationship, the marriage between the Ukrainian-Canadian singer Grimes and the founder of Tesla, PayPal and the firm SpaceX Elon Musk, It ended. The couple have a son in common who is the sixth of Musk’s children, but the love bond is broken, according to sources. Page Six. However, this is not the first time it has happened in the life of the billionaire.

Learn about the 49-year-old tech visionary’s previous romances and what happened to them below:

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The businessman’s first wife was Justine Wilson, whom he met at Queen’s University in Ontario. In 2000 they married, and two years later they had their first child, whom they named Nevada Alexander Musk. However, her firstborn died at 10 weeks of age from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Later, the couple became parents again and had five children in total; twins and triplets. But the marriage failed to move forward and they parted ways in 2008 on bad terms. In the same year the magnate met his second wife.

After the separation with Justine, he came to the life of the billionaire Talulah Riley, just 20 years old in 2008, the same one who would become his second wife. Although in several statements, they claimed to be very good friends, the romance failed and they separated more than once.

The couple married in 2010 and ended their marriage. for the first time two years later, something that Musk himself made public when he tweeted: “It was an incredible four years. I will love you forever ”, which translated into Spanish would be:“ They were four incredible years. I will love you forever. You will make someone very happy one day. “

After his first divorce in 2010, the businessman dedicated a few words to Riley via Twitter. Image taken from Daily Mail.

In 2013 the couple decided to give themselves a new chance and remarried, but a year later it was the businessman who filed for divorce but withdrew the lawsuit and finally in 2016 it was Riley who decided to separate permanently.

In social networks, both characters had a lot of chemistry and did not hesitate to mention each other in thoughts, jokes, anecdotes and more.

According to the portal Daily Mail, Musk called Riley the “polar opposite” from his first wife, who had blogged extensively about the bitter terms of their divorce.

Amber Heard.

Third and before Grimes, the businessman had a fleeting affair with the actress Amber Heard, Johnny Deep’s ex-wife, in 2016. However, the distance and intense schedules of the two made it impossible for the romance to bear fruit and they broke up a year later. (E)