Elon Musk Revealed That He Works 120 Hours A Week: What Is His Secret

Usually, most people only see the reflection of success, but rarely everything that is invested to achieve it. A test of the effort required to sustain a successful venture is one’s own Elon Musk, who revealed that came to work more than 120 hours a week.

The obsession of CEO from Tesla and SpaceX is recognized. On the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience revealed that plans meetings at one or two in the morning and sleeps about six hours a day.

His idea is to rest as little as possible to solve all the pending tasks. “I don’t find myself wanting to sleep more than six hours.” In fact, have tried to sleep less, but “then the total productivity decreases,” added the tycoon.

In those busy weeks I could work 120 hours, recognized the businessman. Which, translated into days, would be a full five; while the rest of his team stays at about 100 hours a week.

Elon Musk is always active during the day. AFP photo

“I work a lot. I’m usually in meetings at work until 1 or 2 in the morning. Saturday and Sunday usually not, but sometimes,” Elon Musk told presenter Joe Rogan in the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience collected by CNBC.

“There were some weeks when I only slept a few hours and worked seven days a week,” she told host Kara Swisher on an episode of Recode Decode.

This recipe for being on your feet all day is part of his philosophy of life. On some occasions, he asserted that “to change the world” it is necessary to work more than 80 hours a week, that is a little more than three full days, and even if you could dedicate a little more time to work it would be even better.

Corporate culture

In another of his public appearances, the businessman also criticized corporate work culture and said that not enough attention is paid to product quality.

Musk argues that too many business leaders they occupy their days with discussions in conference rooms or about presentations, and they don’t pay enough attention to finding ways to improve their products through daily innovations.

Elon Musk does not deny that he is a workaholic. Reuters photo

Elon Musk does not deny that he is a workaholic. Reuters photo

“Spend less time on finances, less time in conference rooms, less time on PowerPoint, and more time simply, trying to make your product as amazing as possible“, I comment.

The secret of success

And while many criticized it for considering that this model is a throwback to the Feudal age, others wonder what is the secret to keep going with so much energy.

Most countries in the world, especially Latin American ones, have a working day a time limit of 40 hours a week. This is 8 hours a day for five days, almost always Monday through Friday.

However, the key is to do what makes you happy.. When a person performs an activity that generates great satisfaction, feel time go by faster compared to activities that cause you stress, laziness, or discouragement.

Thus, those who have fun working, the passage of time does not translate into fatigue for their body, but on the contrary in energy. The best example of this is those who spend all night with video games and the next morning they wake up wanting to keep moving forward.