Elvan Saragih Shows His Musical Existence Through Your Song Repeat Again : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Attitudes shown or statements made with incorrect reasons may be construed as an error. When a mistake is made repeatedly, it is not very good, because it can be reasonable or even justification. So how good is it?

Talented young singer, Elvan Saragih chose to leave him. This is shown in the latest single entitled You Repeat Again. This song seems to be the answer to the question above. Where relationships are not good and unhealthy, it’s good to be left behind. Because happiness in a relationship can be said to be a principle.

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“This song is about someone who has a partner, who always makes the same mistakes that makes him leave his partner. What’s unique is that I’ve been in the same situation in this song, both those who left and those who were left behind. So it’s kinda related to me,” said Elvan.

Since winning the Rising Star Indonesia talent search event in 2019, Elvan Saragih’s musical existence has been seriously shown. Included in preparing his first single as a solo singer, You Repeat Again, which was released on August 27, 2021.

In collaboration with Asta Andoko (RAN), Bowo ‘Soulmate’ (vocal director) and Handyanto Jiwamata (composer, producer and arranger) they create a musical harmony that is cool, easy listening and catchy in this dominant genre of pop, soul R&B.

“During the recording session, I was accompanied by Mas Handy from ‘Kanan Production’ as well as Sis Asta. Meanwhile, the vocal director for me is Mas Bowo (Soulmate). Interestingly, the time required during the recording process was only 1 day to record this prepared material. So much fun!” said partner duet Mirriam Eka in this song Angkasa.

The video clip for the song You Repeat Again has been specially made for Elvan Saragih’s loyal followers and of course music lovers wherever they are. And of course, the singer who has entered the top 20 of Indonesian Idol 2018 hopes that through this new single, his existence in music can be accepted by the general public.

“The MV shooting process has been made, and the process takes a fairly short time. Because it only took one day. I hope that with the introduction of the song You Repeat Again, I hope that Elvanian’s friends (as Elvan Saragih’s fans) and the music lover community will like this new single of mine and hopefully it can appear on many of the top charts in Indonesia,” he concluded. Happy listening!.

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