Ernest Prakasa Apologizes for Sky Gala Tuai Hujatan: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Comic Ernest Prakasa suddenly became trending topic on Twitter, on Sunday (7/11/2021). It started from his teasing about Gala Sky, the only son of the late Vanessa Angel and Bibi Ardiansyah.

“Hopefully baby Gala is protected from the lust for content that grows from the adults around it, “said the comic in his tweet on Twitter, on November 6, 2021.

The comic’s teasing then reaped negative comments from netizens on Twitter. The @iambabyie account, for example, wrote, “Ernest, what have you done for the Gala? Usually just sputum. Do you like the boy version? ”

The @achieverco account added, “Please talk about being okay. If you can’t, it’s better to be quiet.” A similar comment was expressed by @Ones24Rad who wrote, “Bro, better break a moment away from social media. It’s fun.”

On the other hand, the @coldestheaven account revealed how Ernest’s upload could be defined differently by other people. “Your post may be misinterpreted and cover up its true intentions (which leads to child exploitation). People will definitely take it negatively, even though the intentions are good.”

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Realizing that his teasing had an impact on the people who helped Gala, Ernest Prakasa finally spoke up. He apologized and deleted the tease.

Ernest Prakasa discusses the Gala Sky on Twitter. (Photo: Instagram/@ernestprakasa)

“Regardless of the intention, the real impact is the result. When there is more harm than good, then I have made a mistake. I have deleted the tweet about the baby Gala, I apologize for my mistake,” said Ernest Prakasa.*

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