Eternals: Why Did Angelina Jolie And Salma Hayek Agree To Join The MCU?

Actresses Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie reveal the reasons why they agreed to join the great Marvel family.

Only a few more weeks to discover Eternals in dark rooms. Everything seems to augur an exceptional film, offering in the process a great burst of novelty to the MCU. If this project is closer to science fiction than to yet another superhero film, fans should nevertheless find everything that makes the flavor of Marvel projects. But what makes you particularly want to discover the film is undoubtedly the presence of two big international stars in the cast. Indeed, Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek will be well in the game, in the skin of heavenly beings. Many never expected such big names to join the Marvel team.

Eternals offers two international stars – Credit: Marvel Studios / Box-Office

However, the two actresses could not refuse such a proposal. During a recent interview, they opened up about their arrival in the MCU.

When Eternals treat themselves to two world stars

“The role of Thena motivated me. When I figured out what this movie was going to be, how inclusive and diverse it was, I couldn’t refuse. This is what I wanted to be. I just wanted to join this family. And I trusted the director »Explains Angelina Jolie. It is also the agreement signed by the latter that prompted Hayek to say yes in turn. “I was so excited by the arrival of Angie, the director and this family that we were going to create. This is one of the rare occasions that allowed me to be surprised in a good way. And this feeling keeps growing “ testifies the actress.

The two women certainly don’t need Marvel to have exemplary careers. But their popularity is still likely to explode in the coming months. We know their respective intransigence: if they accepted, it is becauseEternals gave them the opportunity to defend a BIG movie. And obviously, their choice is rewarded. The first feedbacks are full of praise for the project. Add to that the presence of an Oscar-winning director, and all the markers are green.

Hayek and Jolie are in danger of quickly becoming staple characters in the MCU. Everyone is now looking forward to the official release of the film. The global box office is still likely to panic quickly.

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Eternals: why did Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek agree to join the MCU?