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JAKARTA – Who doesn’t know the Bond of Love? Or Princess for Prince? Or other top RCTI programs. As an over the top (OTT) provider platform with the most complete local channels, lovers of these soap operas and other RCTI programs can watch them exclusively on Vision+.

“Being a favorite local channel for the Indonesian people, RCTI has various interesting programs that are a pity to miss. As the only platform that provides the most complete live stream TV channels, combined with its mobile capabilities, users can watch live streams of RCTI TV channels anytime and anywhere,” said Clarissa Tanoesoedibjo, Managing Director of Vision+.

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RCTI has many popular shows that are liked by the people of Indonesia. RCTI’s featured shows can be enjoyed directly through live streams or VOD so that customers don’t have to worry about missing episodes of their favorite programs, such as the following.

The first, of course, is the Indonesian people’s favorite soap opera Ikatan Cinta. This soap opera tells the story of Andin (Amanda Manopo) who was hit by a tragedy after his marriage to Nino (Evan Sanders).

Many things have happened since the eventful beginning, even so the audience still faithfully followed Andin’s story until his marriage to Aldebaran (Arya Saloka). This soap opera has also won several awards and broke the MURI record.

Next there is the soap opera Princess for the Prince. soap opera that tells the love story of Princess (Ranty Maria) and Prince (Verrell Bramasta). Putri is told as a kind-hearted woman who is able to open the Prince’s heart.

However, they have to overcome many obstacles to fight for their love. This soap opera has a premise, storyline, and cast that are considered fresh and attract attention so that the audience diligently follows this show. Therefore, it is not surprising that this soap opera was ranked in Indonesia’s third largest program last October.

Another soap opera that has also broken records is Amanah Wali Season 5. This show is a religious soap opera that is also packed with drama and comedy elements so that each episode has a fun storyline and dialogue.

Next is Tukang Ojek Pengkolan, an Indonesian soap opera that has been airing since April 2015 and has nearly 3000 episodes. The plot of this program revolves around the lives of Ojak (Eza Yayang), Purnomo (Furry Setya), and Sutisna (Andi Sulistiandri). These three figures are a group of motorcycle taxi drivers based in Jakarta to earn a living for their respective families.

All of these programs can be watched streaming on the RCTI channel on the Vision+ platform. The good news is, the RCTI channel on Vision+ can be watched for free (free to air). Not only that, superior programs such as those mentioned can also be watched again because Vision+ provides its video on demand (VOD) format as well.

Immediately download the Vision+ application on the Google Play Store or App Store here or visit www.visionplus.id. For more information about Vision+, please follow Vision+’s official social media accounts at @visionplusid (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or Whatsapp at 0888 8000 00. Vision+, Happiness, Anytime, Anywhere!