Experience Past Trauma, These are 3 Omar Characters in Episode 1 Vision+ Originals “Life Cycle” : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Vision+ Originals Life Cycle is the result of Vision+’s collaboration with the production house Being Human. In episode 1, entitled Born, tells the story of the struggle of an actor having difficulty conveying the message in the film script.

In this first episode, it focuses on Omar, the main character played by Khiva Iskak who has shadows of past trauma.


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Despite suffering from accumulated trauma since he was a child, Omar is actually a strong person, until he finally meets a scene that makes him reminisce about his past.

Here are the characters of Omar:

1. A Person with Past Trauma.

Omar is a great film actor. However, when he got the role of Danang to memorize a script containing “Danang will always love mom,” he was always afraid to say it due to trauma in the past. He didn’t even dare to look at the pillow he engineered as a mother figure.

2. Desire to Achieve Something

Omar since childhood dreamed of becoming an actor. However, this dream did not get the blessing of his mother. His mother considered an actor an uncertain job.

Despite strong opposition from his mother, Omar persisted in his determination to become an actor. Throughout his life he always fought with his mother about his ideals, until finally he managed to become a great actor.

3. Tough and Brave

Even though Omar has deep trauma, he dares to express his emotions to Bina, who is a psychologist who helps Omar overcome his past trauma.

Maybe some people are still hesitant to talk about the psychological problems they are facing for some reason, so that they end up piling up like a time bomb that will eventually explode.

This phenomenon is trying to be raised in the series Life Cycle by Being a Human, entitled Born. Curious about the full story? Watch Vision+ Originals for free Life cycle by Becoming Human exclusively on Vision+.

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