Explanation To The Craziest Reference In The Loki Series

The Loki series is full of references and details that can be very important for the future of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

The fourth chapter of Loki It was very revealing, but there is a phrase that has amazed fans of Marvel Studios. Since the character of Mobius (Owen Wilson) says vampires and titans have been on TVA. Now the director of the program, Kate Herron, wanted to explain the situation.

“I’d say you’d have to ask Kevin Feige … That’s something with Marvel Studios for sure.” he pondered.

Thus the director showed that she does not know why that particular phrase is in the series of Loki, as Marvel Studios he does not usually tell all his plans to the creatives who work on his series or movies. But obviously, knowing that one day they will Blade, It is normal that they begin to name the vampires so that the fans become familiar with these characters and especially that they accept that they exist in the same universe as the Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The director also said that the series is about romance.

“Who is a better match for Loki than himself?” Kate Herron wondered. “The whole show is about identity. It’s about him, and he’s on a very different path, and he’s on a different journey. He sees things in Sylvie that says: Oh, I’ve been there. I know. I know you feel. But she says: Well, I don’t feel that way. And I think that was the most fun. She is him, but she is not him. They have had such different life experiences. So from an identity perspective, it was interesting to delve into that. ” She added: “It was just about giving him the space to breathe and delving into him in a way that felt earned.”

While writer Michael Waldron commented: “That was one of the crucial points of my speech for the series, that there was going to be a love story. We went back and forth for a while, like we really wanted to have this. Does the boy fall in love with another version of himself? Is that too crazy? But in a series that, for me, ultimately is about self-love, self-reflection and self-forgiveness, it seemed right to me that this would be the first time that Loki had a love story. “

Loki premieres on Wednesdays in Disney Plus.