Facts About Tubagus Joddy, Vanessa Angel’s Driver to be Trusted to Manage Gala’s Inheritance : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTAJoddy into the spotlight after the deadly accident that killed Vanessa Angel and her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah. He is known to be the person who was trusted to drive the white Pajero car which had an accident on the Nganjuk Toll Road.

According to the police, the driver alias Joddy It is suspected that he fell asleep and hit the road divider. His name also continues to be a conversation because he had deleted Insta Story after the accident. In the uploaded video, he is allegedly speeding at high speed and playing with a smartphone while driving.


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Not a few who criticized Joddy, reportedly he also has the potential to be a suspect in the accident case. Then who exactly is Tubagus Joddy? Reported from various sources, the following facts are Tubagus Joddy:

1. Photographer

The 24-year-old man is known to work as a photographer. This is known from Joddy’s uploads on the Instagram account @tubagusjoddy. He also captured the activities of Vanessa and her husband several times.

2. Managing a Clothing Business

Joddy is not just a driver or photographer for Vanessa and Bibi, but the young man is one of the managers of his boss’s business. Joddy is said to be the person who was given the mandate to run one of the couple-preneur couple’s businesses, namely the Vanesza Wear clothing business. This can be seen from Joddy’s Instagram Profile Bio which lists the @vanesza.wear business account.

3. Manage the Sky Gala Heritage

So trusted, Joddy was also given the task of taking care of the inheritance of Vanessa and Aunt’s son, Gala Sky. This was revealed when the couple was a guest star on ASHIAP TV. At that time, Vanessa Angel asked if she died, what would her husband do.

“If today were my last day in this world, what would you do?” asked Vanessa Angel.

Auntie answered by chattering that she would follow her wife. He claimed to have told Joddy to take care of the insurance for Gala.

“Die… (if) it’s your last day in this world, I die, so just die… Bored, I would be bored if he wasn’t there for me. Gala has inherited our insurance. That’s enough. Joddy has taken care of that, Jod has taken care of his insurance,” said Bibi.

4. Close to Auntie’s Sister

Being Vanessa’s and Aunt’s confidant, Joddy automatically recognizes Fuji, Vanessa’s sister-in-law who later also stole the attention because of her beautiful appearance.

Not just acquaintances, Joddy is also quite familiar with Aunt Ardiansyah’s younger sister. This can be seen from several uploads, such as when Fuji kissed Joddy.