‘Falconetti’ Dies: The ‘Bad’ Most ‘Bad’ In Television History

En the same week that we said goodbye to Rafaella Carr we must also say goodbye to other referents of the Spanish popular culture of the 70s and early 80s. When the nica television created a popularity that far exceeded the current one ‘virality‘.

If we say that William Smith, American actor, has passed away At 88, perhaps few people tell you much. But if we say that William Smith was’Falconetti‘in the series’Rich Man, Poor Man ‘, practically everyone around or over half a century of age will know who we are talking about. Because ‘Falconetti’ was the baddest TV ‘bad’ of all baddies. Worse than JR. Worse than ngela Channing. Badder than Cersei Lannister.

The series ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’ aired in Spain in 1976-77 framed in the type of series that was known as ‘Grande Tales’: it was a family drama based on the contrast between two brothers, Rudolph y Thomas Jordache, children of a couple of European emigrants to the United States somewhat unlikely: the mother, a fervent Catholic. The father (Ed Asner, ‘Lou Grant’, by the way), no less fervent atheist. Rudolph (Peter Strauss) y Thomas (Nick Nolte) separate their lives without facing each other. Rudolph be attorney and enter politics. Thomas se har boxer. Get into trouble with the crime organized and from there emerge Anthony Falconetti.

Falconetti was little. Bad with greed. Badder than cinchona. Bad without kinks, full-length. He first takes care of Nick Nolte professionally but then goes on to hate him personally with a deep hatred, bottomless, dark as a black hole without radiation, infiltrating the entire series ominously so that ‘Falconetti’ ended up becoming the true protagonist because you see the series and you expected when it would appear Falconetti To throw it all away

At the end (and to hell with the spoilers), Falconetti won. Defeated, beaten by boxer Nick Nolte -the eye patch that he wore, from a moment in the series, was due to a beating that he gave him-, he ended murdering him with the help of some hitmen just seconds after it seemed that the story was going to have a happy ending.

William Smith, ‘Falconetti’ died at the age of 88. He worked on the Batman and Perry Mason series, among others

Falconetti became a myth. It ended up being part of popular culture and its echo has not yet disappeared. Thousands of nicknames and nicknames arose from his example. In all the gangs of kids and teens, the most unruly was called ‘Falconetti‘and because of that fascination with evil, there was also competition to ‘be’: I’m Falconetti, watch out for me. Falconetti, we say, was meaner than Angela Channing and JR: after all, although they often hump for fun, their ultimate goal was to gain power. Falconetti’s wickedness, once the first ‘professional assignment’ was over, was free, with no other motive than revenge. Y counterproductive for him, because he always loses until he finally wins. Falconetti even eclips that the first female breast to be seen on Spanish television outside of Susan Blakely, in the same series.

Smith’s career is not just about this series. I worked, it is said, in Hawaii 5-0, shared deals with Clint Eastwood, participated with the USAF in the Korean War and was a regular actor in television series such as Gunsmoke, The Virginiano, Perry Mason, Batman, Lassie, Patrulla Juvenil or Laredo.

And yes: those television popularities of the 70s and 80s are inconceivable today: in that 76-77, or you see on TV Falconetti the day they put it on or you don’t see anything – you could hear Garca– and since everyone sees the same thing, everyone talks about the same thing. Let’s not talk about Iigo, which had many years of career. Let’s talk about what Uri Geller She is still remembered because she was on Iigo’s show one day and armed her.

Like Jack Palance or Christopher Lee, William Smith almost always played ‘bad’. In Spain he will be fondly remembered as the best of all those who passed through television: Falconetti. Some days I shared a screen with Rafaella Carr.

And a detail about the survival from his memory. When the political enemies of Pedro Sanchez, current President of the Government of Spain, they want to attack him for using the Falcon plane, the Presidential official, they do so by calling him … Falconetti.