Fast And Furious 9: Tyrese Gibson Looks Back On His Clash With Dwayne Johnson

He tweeted, among other things: “If you shit on my family, I do the same with yours. Close your eyes guys, you’re just a clown. May all honest people stand up with me. (…) A spin-off selfish failure“.

What The Rock, not the type to tear down, replied when the film ranked No. 1 at the box office: “”The Assassins quietly play chess. The “loud clowns” to the ladies. Thank you to spectators around the world for this incredible support and this landslide victory. It’s awesome and we are grateful for your love. #theywhoworkthe mostin the room #humbleandhunger #nocandyass (no fake ass). “

But at the exit of Fast and Furious 9, and as Fast 10 and 11 are brewing, the hour for peace has come. The two men reconciled. So much so that Tyrese Gibson confides that they regularly send cocks to each other on the phone.

A Ellen DeGeneres, he reveals : “We are on the phone regularly. We reconnected in a real way. I think we’re both better human beings since what happened. And to be honest, I didn’t know when that first call would be. But it happened. We must be 20 calls since. And we are in competition to know who will leave the longest message on the voicemail of the other“.

Obviously, Tyrese Gibson has regained his good humor towards Dwayne Johnson. The two men are more than likely to end up in Fast 10.

Fast and Furious 9

During the promotion of Fast 9, Tyrese Gibson got angry after a question about Paul Walker. In zoom with Filmsactu, it is explained.

Tyrese Gibson : “I was upset a few interviews ago. I must have answered incorrectly and I apologize for it. Someone asked me, “Have you come to a point where you no longer miss Paul Walker?” But what is this question? Fast and Furious is his franchise. It all started with him and Vin Diesel.

We are not here to forget Paul or to forget how important he is to us. Without forcing anything, we try to find creative ways to make his presence felt. We don’t want people to imagine that because Fast and Furious is raising so much money, we don’t constantly keep in mind that we are continuing this saga without Paul Walker.

We take care of his daughter, his daughter Meadow visits us on the set, I partner with his brother (Cody Walker) on the Fuel Fest project… We all have this energy and this communication between us and we never try to do something without thinking of showing our love and respect to Paul.”

Fast and Furious 9