Fedez, a 100 thousand euro scam against him, thwarted by his mother manager. And the rapper disappears from social networks: worried fans

An attempted scam against Fedez and his family worth 100 thousand euros. It was the rapper’s mom who foiled it Annamaria Berrinzaghi CEO of Doom (“Dream of ordinary madness”). The company is the srl that deals with family affairs and specifically with the scouting of young artists and the image rights of Chiara ferragni’s husband: in fact, Doom has the exclusive mandate of representation for Federico Leonardo Lucia, the singer’s real name. originally from Rozzano precisely an advertising contract with the Seven brand (unrelated to the investigation) to be at the center of the incident on which the Milanese prosecutor Alessandro Gobbis is investigating.

Chiara Ferragni and the “trap” in Fedez: «Very free not to come …». What he said

Chiara Ferragni, trip out of town to the Aquarium of Genoa with Leone and Vittoria

Fedez, the scam against him

Do you remember the launch of the eco-sustainable Seven backpacks made last September by fedez? here it is that campaign that is at the center of the story. In the act of closure of the investigation notified to the parties, the 38-year-old former Doom employee, MG, is investigated: “To have reached an economic agreement with Seven relating to a promotional activity that the artist would have carried out for an amount of 250 thousand euros instead of 350 thousand”, reads the deed. In the meantime he had also managed to convince Seven to pay the remaining part (100 thousand euros) directly to the company Be Consulting (where the 38-year-old was to be hired), «following agreements between it and Doom, since it is an intercompany transaction».

The complaint of the mother

Agreements that were non-existent and of which the singer’s mother knew nothing. According to what the prosecutor reports, the man to remove suspicions about himself and to justify the collection of 100 thousand euros by the company for which he had to go to work, would have «insisted that the contract with Seven be signed directly by Be Consulting» and then, faced with the refusal of Fedez’s mother, he would have «proposed to enter into a three-way contract between Seven, Doom and Be Consulting». This is how Berrinzaghi understood that he was facing a scam attempt. From there the complaint to the prosecutor, assisted by the lawyer Gabriele Minniti. The prosecutor, once the investigation has been completed, has notified the notice of guarantee to the 38-year-old and is ready to ask for an indictment.

Fedez disappeared from social networks, worried fans

In the meantime, what really worries the fans is the absence of fedez from social networks. Lately it has been rumored that between him and his wife Chiara Ferragni there was an air of crisis, but the two to deny (without saying anything) have posted images in which they are held hand in hand. Denied the crisis, however, the profile of the singer-songwriter remained inactive. While Chaira ferragni has resumed her activity as an influencer and posts videos and images more brilliantly than ever, Fedez seems to have disappeared. Sometimes it is seen in his wife’s stories, but even those few times the rapper’s gaze appears worries fans. The followers couldn’t help but notice the dull look even while he is with his Leone and Vittoria, who have usually always managed to get him a smile.

Yesterday the entrepreneur posted some stories in which I am in the park with Leone, Federico pushes his son on the swing but also in this case the fans have noticed something different in him. Also then there is a photo of the back that worries, even if it could be a simple photo of the back, the fans are alarmists.

So on Twitter it is a tam tam of messages. «What anxiety but what’s going on?». Others, on the other hand, point out that the family is united but probably Fedez will have other personal problems. «We must leave him alone and hope that it is nothing serious and that this time will pass soon. Come on Fedez». But most of them write «I am really worried».

However, several also criticize Chiara for showing her husband in images where he is «clearly down». Especially if Chiara were to do it «only to reassure those who scream at the crisis. I don’t find it right». We are waiting shortly for Fedez and Ciara to explain what is happening.

Last updated: Saturday 15 January 2022, 11:26