Felicya Angelista: We Shouldn’t Forget to Love the Earth : Okezone Celebrity

FELICYA Angelista is getting more and more successful with the local skincare business that she started in 2017. Through her business, Felicya also invites fans to take care of the earth.

Felicya’s busy life is now not only a mother. This Manado-blooded artist is getting serious about pursuing a business in the beauty sector.

There are many ways Felicya attracts people to start taking care of their skin beauty. He has also collaborated with several brand ambassadors, even from K-Pop idols such as Song Joong Ki and TWICE.

In early 2022, Caesar Hito’s wife is not only concerned with taking care of her skin, but also invites many people to take care of the environment. Felicya fans can also love the earth, right on the Day of the Million Trees Movement.

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“Although the business is in the beauty sector, we want to directly contribute to planting trees in order to maintain the sustainability of the environment and living things,” said Felicya in a written statement.

He knows that in Indonesia there are many areas that are affected by abrasion. To prevent disasters due to environmental damage, Felicya invites fans to plant trees.

“In addition to loving ourselves, we also must not forget to love the earth. Many areas are affected by severe abrasion and help prevent it by reforestation,” said Owner Scarlett in a statement.

The selected tree planting locations are in the areas of Kendal, Semarang, Demak, and Bontang. Together with Protect the Forest, Felicya has reforested several locations affected by abrasion with 3,000 mangrove trees.

Of course this is a matter of pride for Felicya, let alone being able to invite fans to take care of the earth. He hopes that this activity can contribute to preserving nature in the country which is very important today.