FFI Improvements for Better Quality Indonesian Films : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – After being confined due to the pandemic for more than a year, Indonesian cinemas have finally reopened and become an arena for the revival of Indonesian cinema. To celebrate the best Indonesian film workers who have overcome various obstacles this year, the Indonesian Film Festival will be held again in November 2021.

On the 2021 FFI Citra Cup Nomination Night, Garin Nugroho as the Chair of the 2021 FFI Judging Division opened the event by revealing a little of the judging process carried out by the FFI committee. This year, Garin explained, film judging pays attention to three important aspects, namely respect for film workers, the jury judging system, and also community participation.

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“This year’s judging system is carried out on three important aspects, namely respect for film professional organizations with the basic process of judging carried out through film professional associations, the final judging system using a jury system, and wider community participation for the film criticism category and the film criticism category. the audience’s favorite films, actors and actresses,” said Garin Nugroho.

FFI will compete with filmmakers, film workers, as well as the best Indonesian film titles in 23 categories, this year’s nomination reading is carried out by the 2021 FFI Ambassadors consisting of four young Indonesian actors; Tissa Biani, Jefri Nichol, Angga Yunanda, and Prilly Latuconsina. After the nominees were read out, actor Reza Rahadian also took the stage to close the nomination reading tonight as Chairman of the Indonesian Film Festival Committee.

“As the Chair of the FFI Committee, I and all committee members are trying to improve the infrastructure of the Indonesian Film Festival as a whole. Meanwhile, our main program is to evaluate so that the existing system is more perfect,” he said hopefully.

Carrying the theme of Film History and New Media, Reza took advantage of this momentum to remind Indonesian film fans and workers to keep in mind the history of the Indonesian film industry “as a material for shared reflection and a very valuable lesson.”

“History is the past, present, and future,” concluded Reza.

The peak night of the Indonesian Film Festival will be held on November 10, 2021, to coincide with Heroes’ Day which was deliberately chosen to propose Usmar Ismail, the Father of Indonesian Film, as a National Hero of Indonesia.