“Filled with insults on the web after talking about the abuses”

Enrico Silvestrin at Italian Stories go back to talking about abuse suffered at work, when he was at the dawn of his career. TO Eleonora Daniele he explains that he did not tell his experience because he needed to get rid of a burden, but because he was asked a question and he answered what he really had lived, in a very linear way and without a double purpose. However, he confesses that the web has gone wild about it.

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“The history of abuse dates back to 90 or 91, I was barely 18, I had nothing to pull out, I said it this way because I was asked a question, but everything was unleashed on the web, I was I said that I denounced the harassment to have visibility, “says the actor. “Those who molested me carried the legacy of being a homosexual male and therefore having gone on a study vacation with him gave them the right to molest me,” he adds.

Then he reconstructs what happened and analyzes his behavior: «I remember that in the middle of the night I woke up with a person who I thought was in another room touching me, my reaction was paralysis. I never talked about this because I was ashamed of it, I thought that having gone there, in that context, I had given him the opportunity to do what he did “. However, his bad experience has been overcome, only what came from the web confesses that it hurt him.

In this regard, he remembers an episode that occurred 3 years ago: “I was the protagonist of a reality show, therefore in a moment of visibility, and I remember that the person who harassed me declared in some interviews that inside the house there was a” hetero-cross. “, a way to attack me even though I was the victim. Here, this having given voice to certain statements has troubled me ».

Last updated: Thursday 16 December 2021, 10:57