Film Uncharted: But Why Does Mark Wahlberg Not Have A Mustache?

The first Uncharted movie trailer has been released. This one is packed with action, it is explosive, but it lacks one thing in particular: a mustache.

The film Uncharted has often been mentioned, its production having experienced a number of problems. He changed his vision, date, director, screenwriter, cast… But now, these worries are behind him: the film is ready. The proof with this trailer.

Who stole Sully’s mustache?

In video games, Nathan Drake is in his thirties or even a very hardened quadruple. Strong jaw, square shoulder, he always manages to get out of incredible situations. Thanks to his talent, of course, but also his experience.

With this film, Sony and PlayStation Productions decided to tell about Drake’s early adventures. So it makes sense to see a young hero played by a youthful-faced Tom Holland.

On the other hand, for Sully, it is curious to say the least. This good old Victor Sullivan is known for his graying hair, his cigar, his rather handsome expressions and his famous mustache.

Even in Uncharted 3, an episode looking back at Nathan’s youth, he has this mustache. It is a little more discreet, it is less provided, but it remains present.

In the movie Uncharted, Mark Wahlberg — who plays Sully — is clean shaven. And inevitably, it does not pass. Especially with his physique, we almost confuse him with the Nathan Drake of video games.

To tell the truth, he should even have inherited the role. In 2015, we learned that he had received an offer of $ 15 million plus a percentage of the film’s proceeds. He then said he was interested and demanded little use of green funds.

The script was to be inspired by the very first episode: Uncharted Drake’s Fortune. There would have been Nathan Drake, Elena, Sully or the villainous duo Atoq Navarro and Gabriel Roman.

No musical theme, no Nolan North, no Richard McGonagle …

Over time, everything has been revamped. And Mark Wahlberg has grown too old for this film, which has several sequels.

From this trailer, we also notice that Chloe was preferred to Elena. It’s a consistent choice. Chloe is one of Nathan’s first loves while Elena does not arrive until later in the adventurer’s life.

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The entire cast seems to be revealed in this trailer. The name of Sam is however mentioned without being seen on the screen. This is Nathan’s brother and it is not known if he will be in this movie or a possible sequel.

Sam’s name is necessarily reminiscent of Uncharted 4 in which the Drake brothers team up. This film also seems to be very much inspired by Uncharted 3 and 4. We necessarily think of the plane scene or this luxurious auction.

Despite everything, this Uncharted film will offer an original screenplay. It will be about recovering the treasure of Magellan, something never done in the video game.

By the time this adaptation is released on February 18, 2022, we will undoubtedly have another trailer. Maybe Mark Wahlberg will reveal a magnificent mustache then.

Overall, we hope to have other surprises. An appearance of Nolan North, the actor lending his body and voice to Nate in the video game, would be awesome. We also hope to hear the musical theme of Uncharted …

We actually have quite high standards. On the one hand, because it is an excellent saga. And another because we have already had a very nice adaptation. It was just a fan film but this one was perfect.

We want to say thanks to the writer of this write-up for this remarkable material