Filmmaker Nicolas Refn Suggested Keanu Reeves Appear In Death Stranding

Filmmaker Nicolas Refn suggested Keanu Reeves appear in Death Stranding

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Death Stranding brought together a large number of characters from different entertainment industries, such as music, television, and film. Many of them appeared in the game and others gave life to key characters of the title. Although it looked like Keanu Reeves would show up, he didn’t, but Hideo Kojima revealed that he was highly recommended by a filmmaker.

On September 2, actor Keanu Reeves celebrated his 57th birthday. Hideo Kojima took advantage of his Twitter account to congratulate him and also shared a curious anecdote that involves the actor and Death Stranding.

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Years ago we learned that the creator of the game and leader of Kojima Productions received suggestions for Keanu Reeves to be the image of a villain from the game, Cliff Unger. The creative had not revealed who suggested it, but has just revealed that it was the director, screenwriter and film director, Nicolas Refn, who appears in the game as Heartman.

From the beginning of the project, Kojima knew that the character would be Mads Mikkelsen, as even the villain was created with the image of Mads Mikkelsen in mind. However, before making the proposal, he consulted with Refn.

Although the filmmaker said that he gave life to Mads many times, every time he saw Kojima, he recommended actor Keanu Reeves. The reason is that it seemed like a great option after seeing it in The Neon Demon.

Hideo Kojima recognized the attractiveness of Keanu Reeves

In the end, Kojima’s decision stood. Nonetheless, Kojima had the opportunity to meet Keanu Reeves and understood why Refn was recommending him highly, as well as the reasons why he would like to work with him.

“When I met and spoke with Keanu, I understood what Nicolas was talking about, why he attracts not only the audience, but also many people. He is not only attractive as an actor and a star, but also as a human being. He makes you want to do things with him, “commented the developer.

Near the premiere of Death Stranding, the Japanese creative shared a photo with the actor on Kojima Productions, which suggested that he could appear in the title as an NPC character, but in the end it did not happen.

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Death Stranding It is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on consoles, but you can also play it on PC. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to check its file or consult our written review.

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