Filmmakers Hope PEN Film Grows Indonesian Film Economy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The National Economic Recovery Program (PEN) in the film sector, also known as PEN Film, has announced a number of production houses and film communities that have received assistance. This is one of the government’s efforts through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to help the film industry in the midst of the Covid-19 situation.

The existence of this program is also appreciated by film activists in Indonesia. One of them is a short film producer from Malang, Arfan Adhi Perdana.

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PEN Film Revives the Film Industry Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

He considered that the PEN Film program could help film workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Because, many of the film workers whose economy has slumped due to the pandemic that has been running for almost two years.

“Especially for friends who are in the production department, if you don’t shoot, your income will decrease. Likewise, rentals that rent shooting equipment, can’t run, can’t live,” said Arfan when contacted by MNC Portal, Sunday (12/5/2021).

He hopes that this PEN Film program can continue to be run to grow the film industry in the country. “Hopefully this kind of assistance can become a regular program and every year, so that other friends can also be helped to revive their economy. Not only for film workers, but also for the film ecosystem,” he said.

Arfan himself has felt the impact of the program. The production house that oversees it, CV Confidemus Creative Media, was one of those who successfully passed the selection to receive government assistance for Indonesian film production in the short film category by PEN Film. The assistance was to make a short film production entitled ‘Jangka Kala’.

Interestingly, this short film will show the beauty of the beaches in Malang, East Java. This is because the film, directed by Destian Rendra, was shot on beaches located in Malang, namely Clungup Beach, Tiga Warna Beach, Kondang Buntung boat pier, and Sendang Biru fish port.

Not only that, in making this film, his party also collaborated with the Bhakti Alam Sendang Biru Foundation as the manager of the CMC Tiga Warna Ecotourism Destination.

“In making this short film, we involved actors from Malang Raya, the crew is also from Malang Raya, and our setting also represents Malang Raya. Maybe, we also hope that with this film, more people will be more familiar with destinations in Malang, such as Tiga Warna Beach, Clungup Beach. In addition, hopefully it can also help local communities around here to later grow the economy in the tourism sector in Malang,” hoped Arfan.