Final Line Of The Forum Nights

One of the most important musical events of the summer is the one organized during August and September Primavera Sound generically named Forum nights, an evenings in which we can find both established artists and emerging figures in a series of open-air concerts held to suit all the necessary sanitary conditions to guarantee safety of attendees. The doors always open at 7:00 p.m. to facilitate a staggered entry until the start of the show, around 9:00 p.m. We all have our assigned seat and the mask must be used at any point in the enclosure where distance cannot be maintained. The cycle now faces its final stretch with the last two weeks in which we will once again enjoy very varied styles.

Face to face with podcasts

The next two appointments are coordinated by Radio Primavera Sound and will consist of putting in front of us the protagonists of the podcasts most popular of the moment, so that we put a face on them. To start today we will meet Shit people hand in hand with its creators, the journalists Clàudia Rius, Paula Carrera, Rita Roig and Ofèlia Carbonell, who usually interview a guest every week. It was last year’s revelation between the millenials in this specialty in its Catalan version and has been consolidated in 2021. The other group is formed by Oye Sherman, artistic name of the humorist Maria Rovira, and Ana Polo, Hey polo. Even the New York Times has highlighted his wit and originality. Tomorrow awaits us Cyberlocutory, of the therapeutics Andrea Gumes and Anna Pacheco who usually address issues such as their obsessions, phobias and other entanglements about themselves or their love affairs as if it were a chat between friends. Will complete the offer Within, presented by the journalist Alba Riera and the actor and singer Iñaki Mur. They usually explain to us what happens behind the scenes of culture, how they make ends meet, the price of fame, their dreams and fears. The hidden face of the artisteo.

Bad Gyhal and the national post punk

Bad Gyal, Alba Farelo, will be the protagonist of Thursday and Friday, since will offer two recitals. A young singer on a clear upward trajectory after having signed an iconic adaptation into Catalan of the Work by Rihanna. Since then it has not stopped growing with new successes in the form of generational anthems that have spread internationally. Now she is a consolidated artist who has just released her new EP, Warm Up, what has been useful for further open the boundaries of your talent. On Saturday we will have the opportunity to take the pulse of the scene of the new national post-punk with two projects from the Sonido Muchacho quarry. Is about Valencians La Plata and Madrid Marcos Crespo with Sound Depression, musicians who show us a dark reality and that they are changing the codes of a genre that is more alive than ever. From Enemy O Victoria a There is no summer O Until death comes. An emotional journey not suitable for depressives.

The transvestite icon and a family trio

On Sunday the woman from Cádiz arrives The Forbidden also known as Amapola López or Shaila Longfire, pseudonyms under which Luis Herrero Cortés has performed, the icon of indie international transvestite with her indispensable sequins. He has been on stage for twenty years with a electronic Italian aroma language. He performs in big festivals as well as in nightclubs and now he will bring us his contagious rhythm with a band to present his latest work, In acoustic, and review your most popular topics. Monday will be the turn of Oracle Sisters, the trio formed by the Belgian painter Lewis Lazar and his compatriot, the mathematician Christopher Willatt together with the Finnish Julia Johansen. Despite its stage name, there are no family ties, but it is a band for the whole family. His is the retro pop but with a contemporary twist that can seduce several generations. They just released their new EP, Paris II, where they once again demonstrate the extraordinary harmony between their three voices. The Barcelona duo will act as opening act Family Time, authors of the psychedelic pop opera The Great Abismo, and the local electronic pop quintet Hologram, with Carita, his latest single.

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Arabic house and Andalusian rock

On Tuesday the 14th it is surprising fusion between house and traditional Arabic music that offers Acid Arab, formed by the Parisians Guido Minisky and Hervé Carvalho. Now to this combination between acid electronics and the rhythms of North Africa and the Middle East Live illustrations are added on stage by the French-Lebanese illustrator Raphaëlle Macaron to set up her new project, Climates, in which their sounds harmoniously disintegrate into ambient and dub. Derby Motoretas’s Burrito Kachimba It is a fashionable group that we will be able to enjoy on Wednesday the 15th. It is a formation from Seville that has achieved great success in a very short time. His secret consists of combine the Andalusian rock of the 70s with psychedelia and a badass point in what they call la kinkidelia. They just published their second work, Black thread, of which they have already released a first single, Gypsy. But the best is yet to come as have signed the soundtrack of The laws of the border, the long-awaited new film by Daniel Monzón, the director of Cell 211.

Futuristic folklore and a historical group

More Andalusian music for Thursday 16 with Califato ¾, that combines the traditional music of his land with modern genres such as rock, electronic and punk, in what they have come to call Futurist folklore. In his music there are echoes of Triana, Happy Mondays, María Jiménez, Pata Negra or Lee Scratch Perry, because they target all styles. A totally free proposal that moves on its own stick to show that subversion and fun are good companions. And, as the end of the party, on Friday the 17th, neither more nor less than The planets, the Granada group that has been running since 1993 and that has made its influence and legacy felt in Spanish independent music, but is still active. its Temporarily autonomous zone showed that they had reached the maturity to become more rebellious than ever. His plans are to continue exploring Fuerza Nueva, his new project with El Niño de Elche and publish new singles surprise, how have they done with Antiplanetism O Alegrías de Graná. A historical band that will put the finishing touch to these luxurious nights at the Parc del Fòrum.

Forum Nights 2021

Where? Parc del Fòrum (Pau, 12. Sant Adrià del Besós).

When? on various dates, starting at 7 pm. Until September 17.

Price: depending on the concert and the area.

More information: Primavera Sound.

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