Find Strange Contestants, Ariel NOAH’s Mission on X Factor Indonesia : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The biggest talent search event, X Factor Indonesia is finally back at the end of 2021.

After a hiatus for approximately 6 years, X Factor Indonesia made a comeback this year guided by a well-known host, Robby Purba with a fresh look along with the combination and collaboration of a row of well-known judges and mentors.

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The five names chosen to be judges on X Factor Indonesia this year are Anang Hermansyah, Rossa, Ariel ‘Noah’, BCL and Judika. Appointed as one of the judges and mentors, Ariel NOAH bluntly admitted that he was not only looking for talented participants, but also had unusual characters.

“Criteria, I’m still looking for something strange that usually can’t be found in other talent searches, the important thing is that he is good, capable of being a performer,” said Ariel, when met with MNC Portal Indonesia, Thursday (9/12/2021) after the X Factor Press Conference. Indonesia, at MNC Studios, Jakarta.

Referring to the name of his own show, X Factor, the NOAH frontman explained that singing talent is important. But, the X factor of a person to be important is just as important.

“Not everyone who can sing can become a star. Maybe there is a stigma, people can sing high notes and then can riff all kinds of it can definitely be a star. No, so there are a lot of X factors that can’t be explained. This X factor, which sometimes becomes something we can’t explain, “concluded Ariel.

Through this year’s X Factor Indonesia event, as one of the senior musicians, Ariel hopes that by becoming a judge and mentor of X Factor Indonesia, he and the four other judges can succeed in finding extraordinary talents for the Indonesian music industry.

Now, for information, don’t forget to watch the excitement of X Factor Indonesia, which will start broadcasting its first episode starting December 13, 2021, every Monday and Tuesday at 18.00 WIB.