Flood of Tears at the Last Heaven’s Door Filming Location : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Roger Danuarta, Cut Meyriska and Indro Warkop competed in acting in a drama film entitled The Last Heaven’s Door. This film seems to invite a sense of emotion, even when the shooting process is being carried out.

Cut Meyriska, who plays the son of Indro Warkop, admitted that he experienced emotion while undergoing the filming process. He saw Indro’s figure like the figure of his late father.

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The Story of Haru Indro Warkop Plays in the Last Heaven’s Door Film

“Maybe if the film has become me really. When I’m filming, it’s like my papa is still there, like a memory. That’s what happened, thank you with Falcon, I feel like I have longing memories with papa,” said Cut Meyriska.

In line with Cut, Indro also admitted to a flood of tears. For him, the story in this film is so relatable to what he feels.

I’ll be honest, the first time I read it, I cried, there’s a connection. Indro doesn’t play like Indro normally. This co-star has given me food, not to be an introvert but to be a father. More tough,” explained Indro.

Even Roger also burst into tears when he saw Cut Meyriska’s acting together with Indro Warkop. All the acting looks natural and so touch with feeling.

“Maybe it can relate to his real life. They are satisfied to spill it into a beautiful picture, it really hits me, “continued Roger Danuarta.

As is known, The Last Heaven’s Door tells the story of Irma (Cut Meyriska) is a successful career woman. At his age which is now more than enough to get married, he even refuses proposals from men who are serious about him. The reason is because Irma wants to keep taking care of her father (Indro Warkop) who she considers the door to heaven since her mother died.

One day he accidentally meets a photographer, Yusuf (Roger), a man from his past who disappeared without a word. Will Irma be willing to let go of her last heaven’s door for the love she has harbored for a long time? Or will he have to hide his love again?