For € 0.50 And 30 Minutes Of Playtime You Can Get The World’s Cheapest And Fastest PlayStation Platinum Trophy!

News tip For € 0.50 and 30 minutes of playtime you can get the world’s cheapest and fastest PlayStation Platinum Trophy!

Notice to trophy hunters: a fast and inexpensive platinum trophy is at your fingertips! Take a trip to PlayStation Store to grab the weird game called Lizard Lady vs the Cats, and follow our instructions to get a platinum trophy in no time.

The easiest platinum trophy, but at what cost?

the PlayStation Store is filled with games of all kinds, from the biggest hits of the year to the most wacky titles that it is difficult to explain the existence. Among the latter, we find Lizard Lady vs the Cats, a TPS with a questionable scenario and flashy graphics. You play as the masked vigilante Lizard Lady whose ultimate goal is to annihilate a gang of humanoid cats. The title also offers a game mode called Lizard Lady vs Herself, which features Lizard Lady’s psychosis after the genocide of the feline gang. Trapped by her own mind, she is forced to fight the manifestations of her consciousness in order to survive.

Originally released in February 2021, The Platinum Edition of The Voices Games is now available for the modest sum of 0.49 euro cents on the PS Store. Besides the addition of a platinum trophy, this version of the game is identical to the original one and replaces it if you already own it. The good news is, this is not your ordinary platinum trophy – you will only need about 30 minutes to get it., which can be very interesting if you want to expand your collection of trophies quickly. The bad news is, you’ll have to play Lizard Lady vs the Cats to get your hands on it.

Getting the Lizard Lady vs the Cats Platinum Trophy doesn’t take a lot of effort. To do this, you must first finish the game without getting hit once. Since the game only has 4 levels which will only take you a few minutes to complete, this step should not be too time consuming. Then you have to get 100 points per level in Lizard Lady vs Herself game mode. Each enemy is worth 1 point, so you need eliminate at least 100 enemies per level.

Although the game itself doesn’t look very complex, Lizard Lady vs the Cats controls are a bit finicky. To make your life easier and get the trophy faster, we advise you to use the L2 button freely. It allows you to lock down your targets, so you’ll waste a lot less time aiming. Do not hesitate to consult the video below to familiarize yourself with how the game works and how to obtain the trophy:

And you, have you ever heard of Lizard Lady vs the Cats? Are you thinking of playing it to add a platinum trophy to your collection? Tell us all in the comments!

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For € 0.50 and 30 minutes of playtime you can get the world’s cheapest and fastest PlayStation Platinum Trophy!