Forced by Ridho 2R to eat his licked marks, wife: smells, really feels really good: okezone Celebrity

JAKARTARidho 2R reaped scathing public criticism after uploading a video with his wife, Syifa Aisyah Fauziah on Instagram, on January 15 last. In the video, he is seen sucking food and licking it.

He then took the food out of his mouth and asked his wife to eat it. Syifa then refused the request. However, Rizki 2R’s twin forced his wife to call it a proof of love for him.

Syifa then said, “No, I don’t love you. You’re the one who doesn’t love me.” Even though he refused, the wife finally ate her ex-husband in disgust. “Smell! I was thinking, only suggestions have been put in my mouth but it really smells. It’s really great,” added Syifa.

Seeing this reaction, Ridho thought that his wife’s reaction was too much. Past caption uploads, the sworddut admitted, he did it so that his wife obeyed him.

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However, netizens considered that Ridho 2R’s joke was demeaning to his own wife. “WL, my husband never behaved like that. He is very condescending to his wife,” said a netizen in the comments column.

Ridho 2R and wife. (Photo: Instagram/@da2_ridho)

Others said, “Indeed, affection must be proven by eating food that has entered your mouth, right? Honor your wife, if you want to be respected as a husband. ”*

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