Forced to Imagination, Dikta Challenge in Vidkill Movie : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Dikta tries to explore his acting skills. Most recently, Dikta acted in a film called Vidkill.

Dikta, who plays the character Theo in this film, admitted that he had difficulty acting in this film. Because, he was forced to imagine because of the minimal acting opponent because there is no one location.

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“The main difficulty playing in Vidkill is having to act with a camera, without a co-star. I explore and imagine more, I always think I meet bad people,” said Dikta at the Vidkill premiere gala.

Along with Dikta, Shindy Huang also admitted that it was very challenging to act in this Vidkill film.” It is very challenging to act in the Vidkill film, because we don’t compete in acting in one area. ” he said.

Dikta’s co-star, Estelle Linden revealed, that she was very interested in the concept of this film.” This is my first thriller genre film, and I enjoyed every moment of acting in this film. I just hope that the audience of Vidkill films can also enjoy the tension that the film presents. this,” he explained.

The Vidkill film, which marks the return of Max Pictures to the world of Indonesian cinema after a vacuum due to the Covid 19 pandemic, will be shown simultaneously in all Indonesian cinemas on December 9, 2021.

The film, titled Vidkill, is directed by Dyan Sunu, who is working on a thriller genre film for the first time.

“First I want to thank Max Pictures for giving me the opportunity to work on this film. The idea of ​​this film, is the situation that existed during the Covid-19 pandemic, which made us accustomed to video calls and such. So I made a film concept with video call. This is my small contribution to the Indonesian film world. Hopefully it will be well received by the public,” he said.