Francesca Barra positive at Covid, thunders against the no-vax: «’Simple influence’? You take it “

Quarantined because positive for Covid, the journalist Francesca Barra writes a long post on Instagram where he reiterates the need for security and warns against illness. Then, it also attacks i no-vax, those who consider the virus a simple flu. «To those who: ‘he is alone influenza‘, who entrust their lives and that of their children to luck (because you can take it without symptoms, with mild symptoms, but also feel bad!), I say:’ take it yourself ‘! Be imprudent, lightly infect other negative family members, consider prudence fools, dispense advice from teacheroni! ” writes on his profile.

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Yesterday, the same presenter, announced that his daughter, Emma Angelina, is in isolation because she was positive for Covid, and the inability to embrace her had led her to buy a suit, gloves, visor and masks so that he can stay close to her: «We are all committed with a sense of responsibility, love and cooperation, indoors and out.

The journalist especially takes it out on all those who belittle the effects of Covid: «Go crazy looking for information and answers for itmolecular ampones, keep your children home from school by depriving them of sociality and freedom. Condition their life, subject them to further quarantines, take the place of doctors, nurses, experts! Keep on giggle on social media, to think that your case is exemplary “.
Barra continues underlining how the problem in addition to what some no-vax define “influence” are also the practical and psychological consequences of further restrictions, especially for those who are pregnant and she has small children, like her: «I, who am pregnant and I’m seeing what it means to keep in the house of the children in this very complex month, which I saw for days my 8-year-old daughter with a very high fever, I would never risk infecting even a 5-year-old girl, of making her feel so bad, of keeping her still at home, away from school. Or to risk a premature labor, eg. Or to get a high ‘fever’ that could make me spend the time badly with them who need me! ».

Last updated: Monday 10 January 2022, 13:53