Free, Askara Parasady Want to reconcile with Nindy Ayunda? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Askara Parasady Harsono has been declared parole after serving two-thirds of his sentence at the Cipinang Penitentiary, East Jakarta. He was even known to have been free since Friday, October 8, 2021 yesterday.

After the decision of the South Jakarta Religious Court was issued, Askara now admits that he no longer lives in the same house with his ex-wife, Nindy Ayunda. He even admitted that he was trying to establish a good communication relationship with Nindy for the happiness of his two children.

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“Just fixing this, just my relationship with my mother so that it returns to the children. I don’t want my separation to have an impact on the children,” Askara said when met at the Fairmont Hotel, South Jakarta.

“So we want it, come on, we want to build children together to be even better, a lot of it is because of the divorce of the child’s parents, so what…that’s why I don’t want it,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Askara himself is known to have filed an appeal against the Court’s decision regarding his divorce from Nindy. This he did solely not to re-knit his household with the singer of Cinta Only One, but rather for himself to be able to solve his own problems, without being represented by a team of attorneys.

“I’m filing an appeal because I really want to settle it when I’m outside, I don’t want it while I’m inside I just use my power to take care of things,” he explained.

“Yes, because I know him well, even if you want to finish it must be done well. Don’t let me enter, but it will be finished without me,” he said.