From Accusation Of Anti-feminism To Brutal Retirement: The Emma Watson Scandals

Emma Watson is not only famous for her incredible role as Hermione Granger in the entire series of eight Harry Potter films. The 31-year-old Briton was also recognized for her strong personality which led her to get involved in her environment as an activist. Little by little, his name got involved in situations off the film set, but this was also accompanied by a series of scandals. Review all the controversies of his career!

In the final hours, one of the episodes that best portrayed Watson’s profile emerged: Seth Rogen revealed that the young woman refused to do a cannibalism scene while filming His is the End in 2013. On the basis of his ideals against meat consumption. , the actress did not think it was fair to participate in the streak and asked not to do so. Veganism is one of the values ​​she stands for the most, as well as feminism, even if it got her in trouble.

The controversial Vanity Fair cover where she was accused of anti-feminism

Emma Watson covers in Vanity Fair (Vanity Fair)

In 2017, she was embroiled in a huge controversy on a Vanity Fair cover. There he walked out with a provocative outfit where he was showing part of his chest. For many of her followers it was a disappointment and they called her a hypocrite. “She complains that women are sexualized and then sexualized in her own work. Hypocrisy ”was the tone of criticism at the time.

Watson picked up on the scandal and responded to the allegations. “Feminism is what women choose. It is about Libéré, liberation, equality. I really don’t understand and I’m confused, ”they said during the Beaty and The Beast film presentation.

Emma Watson’s controversial tattoo

Emma Watson's controversial 2018 tattoo (Getty)

Emma Watson’s controversial 2018 tattoo (Getty)

The following year, after the 2018 Oscars presentation, he was in the spotlight again for another non-artistic incident. During the red carpet he appeared with a seasonal tattoo with the inscription Times Up (Time’s Up or “time is gone” in Spanish). However, instead of sticking to her outreach message, the actress was criticized for misspelling the phrase. “Experience with apostrophes is a must,” Emma replied wryly on Twitter.

Eventually, the British began to avoid public appearances and slowly lost her social media presence. In fact, since 2020, he hasn’t posted despite having 60 million followers. The last controversy over her career came in 2021 when she decided to step away from comedy to be intimate with her partner Leo Robinton.

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