From Squid Game to Pride Month: These are the top Instagram hashtags for 2021

Instagram shared the most used hashtags of the past year. The top 10 include trends from music, gaming and the like – and reels are also included.

The hashtags most popular with users and creators are a good indicator of topics that are currently relevant – especially in the social media world. This is also shown by the list of the most used hashtags recently published by Instagram in 2021. The top 10, which the platform shared on its Facebook account, contains a wide variety of pop culture terms – but also one or the other hashtag that takes up a serious topic.

Two K-Pop bands in the top 10

A hashtag was used particularly often with #Reels, which denotes Instagram’s own short video format. The keywords #SmallBusiness and #PrideMonth show topics that particularly moved users this year. It is noteworthy that two K-Pop bands made it into the top 10: Both #BTS and #Blackpink were among the most used hashtags in 2021 – as was the Netflix hit #SquidGame and the digital goods #NFTs, which in have grown in popularity significantly over the past few months.

How many hashtags should I use?

Using hashtags is not just about the content, but also about the number. How many hashtags should ideally be noted under a post? While Instagram recommends the use of only three to five hashtags to the amazement of many users, the ideal number of hashtags is significantly higher according to a recent study. You can find more tips on how to use hashtags effectively here.

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