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Getafe has presented its Festival program and the Security Plan that it will deploy during those days, from September 17 to 20. They will be cultural festivals, with an extensive program of activities aimed at the enjoyment of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest; with a diversity of artistic disciplines, such as circus; Magic; games; inflatables, and above all a lot of music. And some decentralized parties in the different neighborhoods, to guarantee health security and avoid crowds.

As the Councilor for Culture explains, “we are going to live some very special festivals, outside of their traditional time, reduced to 4 days and adapted to current sanitary restrictions. If we have been able to verify something since we left the confinement, it is that the dispersion of activities guarantees safety for health prevention, and favors access to them by more neighbors, always incorporating the proposals received from the neighborhood celebration commissions and the youth assembly to which we thank and acknowledge their involvement ”.

In the words of the mayor, “Getafe is going to have fun and take care of itself, we really want to meet again and enjoy ourselves again, the organization has been very careful, always keeping in mind that we are still in a pandemic, so we have reinforced security , with a wide deployment of both sanitary and police measures ”.

There will be 6 main venues, with performances and medium-format concerts, where you can enjoy the tributes to Mecano; Rocio Jurado; Luis Miguel; Amy Winehouse; What in; Raphael; The crazy’s song; Amaral or Estopa; as well as flamenco and salsa concerts. You can participate in cultural and family activities, and on Monday 20 there will be concerts in all neighborhoods. Likewise, all neighborhoods will have inflatables; traditional games; Magic; circus; and puppets. There will be no shortage of fireworks, with the simultaneous launch from 3 different spaces, Perales del Río, Juan de la Cierva and La Alhóndiga, so that they can be seen throughout the city.

Concerts at the Alhóndiga Park lake

This stage will host 3 great concerts, on Friday 17th the melodies of ‘A movie night with the City of Getafe Symphony Orchestra’ will sound, which will perform movie soundtracks; on Saturday 18 it will be the turn of the artist India Martínez; and on Sunday 19 you will be able to enjoy the concert ‘Gisela symphonic with the Municipal Band of Music of Getafe’. The concerts will begin at 22:00. The enclosure has a maximum capacity of 3,000 seats with free admission. 2 tickets can be withdrawn per person.

The collection of invitations will be preferential for residents of Getafe, from September 9 to 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the box office of the Federico García Lorca Theater, accrediting residence in Getafe with ID, flyer or registration certificate, receipt from a supplier company.

Subsequently, an online box office will be opened from 00:00 hours on September 13, until 24:00 hours the day before each concert is held through the culture.getafe.es website and at giglon.com. You will not be able to access the venue without a ticket. Tickets can only be purchased according to the aforementioned means and deadlines.

Complete program of the festivities.

The complete program of the parties, with all the detailed information about them, can be consulted or downloaded from this link.

Special security plan

The Getafe Local Police will be present throughout the city, together with the National Police and Civil Protection. Getafe will have about 80 local agents on the street during the 4 days of celebration. Each fairground will have at least 2 fixed patrols, one from the Local Police and the other from the National Police Force.

In the Lake, for the concerts there will be 2 static units of the Local Police, which will also have the support of the canine units and drones. The Alhóndiga park will be perimeter and there will be access control to avoid large bottles. In addition, the usual units of both bodies will be added, which will be serving the entire city.

In the case of health interventions, there are 3 ambulances and two itinerant Civil Protection vehicles, one of them medicalized. Local Police have detected 5 hot spots in the city, which for security reasons are not made public, and which will have special vigilance to avoid holding bottles or concentrations of unauthorized people.

In addition, alcohol and drug controls will be increased in vehicles in different parts of the city during the 4 days, and Getafe has formally requested the Government delegate in Madrid to increase the number of members of the National Police Force.

COVID-19 action plan

The Getafe City Council previously presented to the Community of Madrid the COVID-19 context action plan, measures and risk self-assessment. A broader plan than what the regional regulations require, to guarantee maximum safety for the residents who attend the different spaces.

The COVID-19 context action plan regulates the interpersonal safety distance; the mandatory use of a mask; hygiene measures and cleaning and disinfection protocol; information and signaling measures; sectorization depending on the capacity and group densities of occupation; the conditions of admission of the public; action protocol for symptomatic cases; coordination with public and private services; measures for entry and exit accesses of the attendees with staggering, and measures for the use of toilets, among others.

Measures for workers, evacuation measures, as well as population displacements are also contemplated.

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