Funny! Maia Estianty Changes Her Hair Appearance So Bald Slick: To Look Like My Boy : Okezone Celebrity

HAIR Maia Estianty suddenly went bald and she was happy when she changed her appearance. Yes, don’t panic first, Okezoners, Maia is bald because she uses filter effects on social media.

However, Maia Estianty’s appearance still stole the attention. Moreover, he said that his hair was inspired by his husband, Irwan Mussry.

“Hi, I want to follow my bald husband. I’m a bald lover, I say,” said Maia Estianty in the video. quoted from the @maiaestiantyreal account, Sunday (9/1/2022).

In the video, Maia looks so happy to show off her bald head while walking around. Even when she met her duet friend, Mey Chan, the mother of three looked very happy with her bald hair. Maia is said to look like Irwan Mussry if she looks bald like this.

“It’s very similar to my man, right. Please match,” said Maia Estianty.

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Maia herself admits that she is jealous of her bald-headed husband. According to him, Irwan always looks clean without having to worry about taking care of his hair. It seems, Maia is a little interested in shaving off her hair.

“I’m jealous every day seeing him (Irwan) every day clean, bald, not complicated to take care of hair. Huu shiny,” said Maia.

The post immediately garnered various reactions. Many were amused by his appearance. Not a few also call Maia similar to her husband. In fact, a series of Indonesian artists also enlivened the comment column.

“Loh bun lak isis rekk, compact with yayange. bestcouple,” wrote Inul Daratista.

“Do you still have the medicine, sir?” said Momo Geisha.

“Bun tar when Idol is like that, so that the contestants don’t concentrate on singing,” said Judika.

“My bald mother is also beautiful,” replied the netizen.

“It’s a really good mood booster, mother,” said another netizen.

“Nakakkk,” said another netizen.

“What kind of husband does your ex-husband look like?” another netizen said.