Fusion Of Flamenco And Fado Or A Concert With Two Pianos For The Ikfem 2021 Of Tui-Valença – Metropolitano

Five days, six concerts and an eclectic and special program to continue being the musical bridge between Spain and Portugal. The IKFEM, International Keyboard Festival & Masterclass of the Eurociudad Tui – Valença, will return next August to recover its musical proposal and border synergies. The ninth edition of the festival It will be held between August 18 and 22 with a proposal that “connects a multitude of musical genres through the keys”, as explained this Monday by its director, Andrea González.

The program consists of six face-to-face concerts outdoors, starring personal stories and established artists, with broad representation from Spain and Portugal. For the ninth consecutive year, IKFEM’s artistic program will strengthen synergies between Portuguese and Spanish cultures, encompassing different musical styles performed by renowned interpreters from the Iberian Peninsula. Nor will it take the focus away from one of its main objectives: to make known the rich cultural heritage that the two banks of the Miño River treasure, between the southwest of Galicia and the north of Portugal. The unique concert stages will be two. In Tui, the river walk, headquarters of the Rowing Club, next to the international bridge and the river Miño. And in Valença, in the Garden of Mulberry Trees, within its monumental fortress.

In this edition IKFEM will have the presence of national and international artists, mainly Portuguese and Spanish, for six consecutive days. “A top-level artistic program accessible to everyone”, they explain, with tickets at popular prices and also with invitation. Both types of locations are available on the festival website.

Also, this year the Fashion Bridge will return, framed in the program “O Teu Xacobeo” of the Xunta de Galicia. An event that seeks to combine music and fashion from both cultures, giving rise to a very special fashion performance that will connect both borders of the Miño River.

The 18 of August, the Spanish Marta Zabaleta and the Portuguese Miguel Borges will perform a program with Stravinsky’s ballets on its 50th anniversary. It will be the first time that the Eurocity hosts a concert with two pianos, and will take place on the Tui river walk, in the Rowing club.

The next day, Thursday, August 19, he will program with a concert co-produced by AIE that blends flamenco and fado, primitive artistic expressions of Iberian culture. It will be starred by the Andalusian pianist Andrés Barrios, who won the “Best Instrumentalist Award” in 2018 at the prestigious International Festival of Cante de las Minas flamenco competition. Andrés performs alongside fado singer Marco Rodrigues, a special guest for this evening, who has received important awards such as Grande Noite do Fado and the Amália Rodrigues Revelation Award, and two Latin Grammy nominations, with one of his video clips reaching 11 million views.

On August 20 it will host two concerts: in the Jardim das Amoieras, Simant Duo, a formation of the virtuoso trumpeter Rubén Simeó, who has acted since he was a child in audiences and television programs around the world and has recently been a jury for the RTVE program “Prodigios”; and the pianist Antonio morant, which will offer us a concert of soundtracks and popular songs under the title New Way.

Already at night, and in the Rowing Club, Mecánica Popular will offer an electronic music concert. Eugenio Muñoz and Luis Delgado, its two members, have a long history since the beginning of the music industry in Spain. Eugenio Muñoz, in addition to Rosendo’s manager, as a sound technician has recorded some of the best-selling albums of our time, and has produced more than a hundred albums for artists such as Siniestro Total, Hombres G, Celtas Cortos or Mago de Oz. Luis Delgado, in addition to dedicating himself to early music, has composed numerous soundtracks for TV, such as “Don Juan Tenorio”, and produced and collaborated on 50 albums with artists such as Amancio Prada. With his proposal Stridentismo explore sonorities since the early 1970s with a diverse spectrum of electronic instruments and numerous presence of keys.

On Saturday 21 the Spanish singer, composer and pianist Sheila Blanco, will sing to the poets of 27 at the Jardim das Amoreiras and with the co-production of AIE. A tribute to the best authors of the Generation of 27: Carmen Conde, Ernestina de Champourcin, Concha Méndez or Pilar de Valderrama, among others. She will also interpret her own poem and another by Rosalía de Castro, one of the few female references that these authors had.

Already on Sunday 22 will be Juan Carlos Cambas who closes the IX edition of IKFEM. Pianist from Dulce Pontes for a decade, she will present “A Viaxe”, a program that covers her native land, Argentina, and that of her ancestors: Galicia, Asturias and Portugal. A multicultural journey that talks about emigration between the Argentine people and the Iberian Peninsula. The concert, which will be held at the Jardim das Amoreiras and is co-produced by EGTC Galicia Norte de Portugal, will feature guest artists, all icons of Galician and Portuguese culture such as João Afonso, Uxía, Rosa Leiro and Bellón-Maceiras.