Gading Marten Confesses about Marriage Trauma, Luna Maya: Separation from Sick Gisel? : Okezone Celebrity

IVORY Marten admitted that he was traumatized by marriage. Currently, he is also not ready to commit to a marriage relationship with a new partner.

Gading Marten’s confession was revealed when he was a guest star on Luna Maya and Marianne’s YouTube channel. At that time Luna Maya seemed curious about Gading Marten’s principle of romance. In fact, Luna Maya did not hesitate to ask Gading’s feelings after separating from his ex-wife, Gisel.

Hearing Luna’s question, Gading admitted that he was sick after being forced to divorce Gisella Anastasian in 2019. After that, Gading even admitted that he was not ready to have a love affair with another woman.

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“So when you parted with Gisel, you got sick?” asked Luna Maya, quoted from YouTube TS Media, Friday (10/9/2021).

“Yes, yes. Then (I) have been close to people again, then the impression seems to be falling in love with me. I’m the one who is not ready, you know, when I want to go out like that, I’ll see you later,” replied Gading Marten.

This curiosity also arose in Marianne’s mind as Luna Maya’s partner. The beautiful model asked about the impact of the rift in her household on Gading’s love relationship in the future. Then Ivory admitted that there was a possibility of experiencing trauma after his previous failed marriage.

Even Ariel Tatum had advised Gading a professional consultation with a psychologist. Later, the two were rumored to be close because they were involved in the same film project.

“Does that mean you’re traumatized in your current relationship because you’re afraid of being disappointed?” ask Marianne

“Maybe, I always say ‘no, I’m relaxed’, I just don’t know why inside me, now I’m talking to Ariel, Noah, oh no, Ariel Tatum. I’m talking to Ariel Tatum right because we are shooting together, so we meet every day, then I tell him ‘but how come I’m not ready for a commitment yet’ and he says you can talk to the right person,” explained Gading.

Gading feels that he is not ready to face the troubles that are strongly suspected to occur if he has a romantic relationship. The reason is that Gempi’s biological father admitted that he wanted to focus on work and taking care of his only child.

Gading also admitted that he still wants to gather with friends to relieve his fatigue. Moreover, Ivory is listed as one of the personnel of the Prediction motorcycle club formed by Andre Taulany.

“I’m still enjoying work, enjoying Gempi, enjoying my time with my friends. So if for example I’m okay, say I like this person, only if for example I’m dating it means adding one more responsibility. For example, I’m close to Luna, but not dating.”

“Luna asked to pick me up and said I can’t be with my friends anymore, that’s okay. But if you’re dating, you can get frustrated, you can get upset. I don’t think I’m ready for all the fuss,” said Gading Marten.