Gala Sky Wins Award, Ruben’s Family Buys Trophy for Mom and Kids Awards 2021 : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– The excitement of the 2021 Mom and Kids Awards (MAKA) event was lively with actions and performances from guest stars. MAKA 2021 this afternoon (10/12) was opened by performances from Tasysa Kamila, Arrasya, Tissa Biani, Thalia, Gihon, Anneth and Betrand Peto Putra Onsu.

Performances from other guest stars also enlivened MAKA 2021. Gala Sky, the son of the late Vannesa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah, received an award in the ‘Baby Celebrity Baby’ category.


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However, the award was represented by Uncle and Aunt from Gala, namely Fadly and also Puji. Gala was contacted via video call when she received the award. “Thank you for this award for the Gala even though he doesn’t understand it but it means a lot to the Gala,” said Puji.

“Thankfully, Gala is now better and wants to be active, so what’s unique is that Gala’s activities are currently very fond of dancing on the dance applications with me and she is very happy to do it,” continued Puji.

Then, the achievements of the Ruben family were extraordinary at MAKA 2021, they managed to win 5 categories at once. The Ruben family won the categories of Favorite Idol, Favorite Celebrity Kids, Favorite Daddy, Favorite Family and Favorite Mom and Kids.

“Thank you for the second award in the ‘Daddy Beloved’ category. I didn’t really expect to get this again, because I competed with great fathers too, basically thank you for those who voted,” said Ruben.

“Then we were chosen to be a favorite family, an extraordinary achievement, hopefully this achievement can inspire you,” he continued.

Here are the names of the winners who managed to win trophies at MAKA 2021:

1. Favorite Animation Series – Upin Ipin

2. Favorite Idol – Betrand Putra Onsu

3. Favorite Baby Celeb – Sky Gala

4. Favorite Kids Celeb – Thalia Putri Onsu

5. Prospective Mama Beloved – Aurel Hermansyah

6. Dear Daddy – Ruben Onsu

7. Dear Family – Kel. Ruben and Sarwendah

8. Dear Mom and Baby – Dinda Hauw and Shaka

9. Dear Mom and Kids – Sarwendah and Thalia