Gala Sky’s fate is in the spotlight, Nicky Tirta: He is surrounded by good people : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nicky Tirta is one of the artists who mourned the death of Vanessa Angel in a car accident some time ago. He shared his feelings when he first heard the news of his ex-lover experiencing the unfortunate incident.

“Honestly, on that D day, I was blank. I was walking with my son in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, suddenly received news from a friend in Surabaya,” said Nicky Tirta.

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“He doesn’t really know Vanessa, but he immediately told me because he knew I knew Vanessa,” he continued.

After hearing the incident, he immediately thought of Gala Sky, the only son of Vanessa and Aunt Ardiansyah. He thought about the fate of the one-year-old boy after his parents left him.

“It didn’t take long before we got the news that his son was safe. So, who are you thinking about his child with?” he said.

However, Nicky can breathe easy and give thanks. Because now Gala still gets the full attention of the extended family of the late Vanessa and Aunt.

“Praise God, I’m really grateful that I’m surrounded by good people. His family is good, really cares about Gala. It’s enough to calm my mind,” said the 38-year-old man.

As is known, Vanessa Angel died with her husband, Bibi Ardiansyah, on November 4, 2021, in a single car accident on the Nganjuk toll road, East Java. Meanwhile, their son, Gala Sky, together with the nanny, Siska, and the driver, Tubagus Joddy, managed to survive.

A day later, Vanessa and Bibi were buried in one hole at Taman Makam Islam Malaka in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta. While Gala, now lives in the care of Bibi’s family.