Get a Luxury Bag from Raffi Ahmad, Nagita Slavina Even Throws Hermes Dust Bag : Okezone Celebrity

RAFFI Ahmad bought Nagita Slavina the dream Hermes bag. Getting this surprise, Nagita Slavina seemed to disbelieve.

Through his Youtube Channel account, Raffi was seen calling his wife who was in the room and asked what the mother of Rafathar Malik Ahmad wanted. Hearing her husband’s question, Gigi said that she wanted to buy a new bag.

Not long ago, Nagita also sent a photo of a bag with a brand that is known to be very expensive on the market. But unmitigated, he was seen sending more than five pictures of the bag he wanted to have.

“That’s a lot you sent,” said Raffi confused.

“It’s up to you which one you want. Do you want the phone number?” Gigi asked.

“Yes, give me the phone number here. But which one? I’ll choose it,” he continued.

After getting the phone number from his wife, Raffi tried to contact the seller of the bag. He even asked the seller to send the bag his wife wanted as soon as possible.

1 hour later, the bag finally arrived at Raffi’s residence. After matching the picture with the bag in the box. Raffi immediately asked Rafathar’s nanny, Lala, to work on his wife.

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Seeing the orange bag that Raffi brought, Gigi smiled and was curious to see what was inside. Before opening it, Raffi said that he bought the bag in installments.

“I’m crazy, I’m good. Here I pay three times hahaha,” said Raffi.

“That’s my used box, right? You’re doing me, right? The box is mine, isn’t it?” Gigi asked suspiciously.

While opening the gift given by Raffi, the 32-year-old woman was seen kissing the bag box. She even admitted that she could tell if the bag her husband gave her was new or used.

Unfortunately, when the package in the box was opened, the bag that Gigi had hoped for was not there. The film star, Sister Ngesot Urban Legend, even thought that her husband only intended to work on her.

Nagita also looks nagging because her husband cheated on her. As for Raffi, he actually called Lala and pretended to ask for a cellphone charger.

As per her previous plan to prank Gigi, Lala went upstairs holding a black bag in her hand. Seeing the bag, Gigi suddenly laughed and grabbed the bag from Lala’s hand and thanked her husband.

“I paid in three installments. The first installment used my money, the second, third installment, used your money,” Raffi joked and immediately ran away from his wife.

“This is me because I don’t know what to do. It’s great, am I romantic?,” he said.