Get ready for Taylor Swift’s new album “Folklore”

On Thursday (July 23rd) Taylor Swift announced her eighth studio album “Folklore” via Twitter – and it will be released (almost) on the same day: The record will be available from midnight on Friday (July 24th).

The album was created after many of her plans for 2020, including several shows based on her last album “Lover”, had to be abandoned due to Corona, explains the singer.

Folklore and clothing

In the free time that she has now experienced through Corona, she wrote several new songs, all of which deal with folklore, hence the name of the album. All of the songs on the new record were written and produced in the last four months. Other artists also worked on the LP. Aaron Dessner of The National co-wrote eleven of 16 songs and co-produced them, Bon Iver also wrote the lyrics and sang along on some of the songs.

As a little foretaste there will be a music video for the new track “Cardigan” a few hours before the album is released. As the 30-year-old revealed on Twitter, she wrote the script for the video herself and also directed it. The shooting was Corona-compliant and “was supervised by a medical inspector”. Swift continued, “Everyone wore masks, stayed away from each other, and I even did my own hair, makeup, and styling.”

Taylor Swift and her dreams, fears and musings

The musician describes “Folklore” as “a whole new album with songs in which I let all my whims, dreams, fears and brooding flow into …”.

Swift: “Before this year I would probably have considered when to release this music at the ‘perfect time’, but the times we live in keep reminding me that nothing is guaranteed. My feeling is that if you do something you love, you should just carry it out into the world. That is the side of the insecurity that I can make friends with. “