GF Vip, furious quarrel between Bortuzzo and Lulù. Knives fly: “But go after it.”

Thunder and lightning overnight in the house of the GF VIP. Lucrezia ‘Lulù’ Selassie and Manuel Bortuzzo they arrived at short irons: the swimmer Trieste who flew i knives with the ‘princess’, more and more in difficulty and more and more bewildered. After bet, Lulù repeatedly tried to get close to Bortuzzo, who, enraged by what happened before, tried to drive her away but, not listened to by Lulu, used sharp and hard tones.

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The situation is precipitated at the height of nomination, when Clarissa Selassié was eliminated and Manila saved Nazzaro. Lucrezia had a collapse, barricading himself in the bathroom and screaming bad words. Signorini scolded her while the authors of the GF Vip have opted for a punishment specimen: official nomination, which he then lost of value as the Princess and in any case over among the nominees of the episode.

To do his Name also Bortuzzo: «I dissociate myself from certain behaviors that I saw. They are not part of me and I do not want them to be associated with me. That’s why I decided to vote for it »says the swimmer in the confessional. Things got worse during the night.

A direct concluded, Lulu she went in search of Manuel, hoping to to find a shoulder of comfort. Instead he found something else: annoyance, disappointment and anger. “You still want speak with me? Dream it, leave me to live! I dissociate myself from these things, they are yours. If you want speak, talk about it, not with me. I do not want to to listen. Do you tell me that I don’t listen to you? But go away to … or “ Bortuzzo thundered furiously.

The ramanzina she continued with increasingly harsh tones: «I want myself dissociare from some of yours behaviors. There is the class and the way of knowing how to speak, we have twenty and more years. Take it out when needed, not just to carry a handbag. You don’t listen, even Alfonso spent two or three minutes trying to talk to you, you were saying shit … you and you don’t even realize it. ” And he adds: «And then me accusations and you tell me ‘you don’t listen to me’, what have I been doing for three months now? What the f .. are you saying? But what do you think you’re talking to a co …. ne? And don’t laugh because there isn’t a c..o to laugh about ».

At this point the princess tried to justify herself and to recover the report: «Not me to delete from your life in here, you You are welcome. The fact that Clarissa she went away for me it was a shock I don’t want you to think I’m crazy, I don’t even remember what I said. I’m sorry if you told me you dissociate from me, I don’t remember what I said except that I don’t give a shit … zo».

«The gestures speak clear – replies Bortuzzo -, you just had to say ‘sorry I was wrong, I’m silent ‘, I don’t want to have any relationship with you, it’s okay to talk but we are two opposite worlds. I felt in embarrassment and I am ashamed. What will people remember about you? That you were a crazy girl who splashed and stalked Manuel? For the sake of yourself, change and understand sometimes that if you twenty people of all ages tell you one thing, take it into consideration ». And he continues: «But they tell you why I love you, otherwise they would say nothing and exclude you. You put yourself in sleep in front of Katia during the vision of Turandot, this is not respect! Out of respect for Katia and Alfonso, you went to your room and didn’t show up. If a person takes his heart to do something, you cannot be seen asleep. “

Last updated: Tuesday 30 November 2021, 14:53