Gf Vip, Katia Ricciarelli forgives Davide Silvestri: “I don’t feel a grudge”

Olive branch for Davide Silvestri. After the escalation of the last few days in the house of the GF VIP, Katia Ricciarelli she welcomed him into her room to talk and decided to forgive him. “I didn’t have any bitter thoughts towards you,” the opera singer admitted, after the actor went to see her to apologize.

But what happened between Davide Silvestri and Katia Ricciarelli

It was days that Katia Ricciarelli he lived his experience in the house with a collaborative spirit. Almost as if he had learned the rules of the game, he could no longer argue with rivals and avoid embarrassing gaffes. Everything seemed to be going well when at some point Davide Silvestri, according to him jokingly, e Barù, they called her the “old lady”, arousing the angry reaction of the soprano. Ricciarelli, who did not appreciate the irony, addressed the actor with a resounding “bitch”, before silencing him with a peremptory “Go on and I’ll slap you, I’ll call you dwarf!”.

After an icy silence between the two, Davide Silvestri he had tried to explain to her that it had been an ironic comment: «No Katia, but come on, outside they call me a” little dwarf “, I also call Giucas” old man “. In any case, if it bothers you, I won’t tell you anymore, not even as a joke. ” In response, Katia Ricciarelli replied: «What an ugly bitch! Rude, I do not forgive you this, I swear. I have never said anything offensive to you. Next time you tell me I swear I’ll give you a slap. You have exaggerated and overstepped the limit, be careful how you speak ».

An apology from Davide Silvestri

To make Ricciarelli change her mind and to induce her to forgive the competitor was the gesture of peace by Davide Silvestri, who in his bedroom recognized his mistakes. The soprano, who never forgets her role as prima donna, appreciated the gesture of the gieffino: «I saw that you were upset and you are not one who is upset. If they say something I’ll know how to respond. ‘ Barù was also involved in the dispute, on which Katia ruled: “I like him, but he must avoid being excessive, because he is cutting edge at times,” Silvestri agreed. “Do you see that we basically think the same way? – Ricciarelli says -. I understood that loneliness is overcome with the neighbor ».

Last updated: Saturday 15 January 2022, 22:27