GF Vip, love on standby between Miriana Trevisan and Nicola Pisu. She is confused: “I want to have fun, no more”

Miriana Trevisan e Nicola Pisu: love story stalled? He’s ready, she’s not yet. It seems that the story between the two hardships a take off. Saturday night, before the party in the New York Gang-themed GF Vip House, the couple moved away from the group, standing by the pool. Lying down, they discussed the situation in which they happened: «I want have fun, I am very pleased if you stay close but beyond that non I can, ”said Trevisan, placing a brake to Nicola’s ambitions who would instead be ready to throw himself body and soul into a serious story with her.

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Miriana’s brake had already emerged during last Friday’s episode when the landlord, Gentlemen, tried to investigate their intentions as much as possible. If on the one hand Nicola replied that he wanted to live a story with Miriana, despite the age difference, on the other, Trevisan has put a sharp stop several times.

Furthermore, during the episode the special bond between the ex-wife of Payment and the son of Patrizia Mirigliani. For Miriana, it is precisely the external situation and age that weighs. Pisu is 32, she is 48 (shortly, on November 8, she will blow out 49 candles). “However the age it does not count – Pisu specified during yesterday’s evening chat – in the sense that I am not 18 years old. It would be different there. So it has nothing to do with it. “

«Tell me the doubts that you have on me », the boy urged. The ex of Pago has therefore returned to reiterate that before taking steps forward he must evaluate certain things. Not only that: she also said she was annoyed by the fact that some tenants of the House have started to treat the issue as if she herself were already part of a couple real.

«I like a certain kind of approach – said Miriana – but if you want kiss me I do not feel it, for me that is an intimacy very strong. I do not feel like it”.

“I do not game with people, I do my best to be with a person and I would like to be with you “, replied Nicola, who then asked a direct question:” You have interest to me?”.

After a first moment of confusion, Trevisan said: “From the moment I think I don’t care I’ll tell you.”

Last updated: Sunday 17 October 2021, 4:07 pm