Gf Vip, Manila Nazzaro leaves the house after a phone call from his family: “I hope you find a solution”

Twist to the Big Brother Vip: Manila Nazzaro quit the game after receiving one phone call from the family. L’ex Miss Italy he had already reacted badly to the news of the extension of the program and now the rumors of his abandonment are confirmed. Today, in fact, there should have been the final, but everything has been postponed to March 14, 2022. Except for twists, it will be released this evening.

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Manila Nazzaro leaves the GFVip

These were his words as he spoke with Soleil Rises: “I guess I have to say hello to you. I can’t speak now. Only you who can have this experience to the end, do it for me too … Few times, perhaps it has never happened to me to work for the first time with a woman so young, so good, timely and perfect. I wish you all the luck of this world because you have it here in your heart and also in your head, trust me ». “See damn, those who want to stay must go away and those who don’t want to, must stay”, commented Davide Silvestri. “Unfortunately this is life. But you, Davide, must stay, don’t give up, play it until the end. You are competitive, what do you want to give up? You will find a way to play, you will find a way to play it», Manila’s reply.

Manila Nazzaro leaves the GFVip

According to what was declared by Aldo Montano it would have been a phone call to change Manila Nazzaro’s mind, who after some doubts had chosen to stay, heartened by a previous video message from the family. “Eh, he got a somewhat peculiar phone call. But now he can’t talk about it. I hope he will find a solution, I don’t know the gravity of the situation but if he can’t say it … “, explained the fencing champion.

Last updated: Monday 13 December 2021, 13:03