GF Vip, Soleil in crisis after the entry of Delia. Kabir urges: “You have to admit the truth”

Chaos after the entrance by Delia Duran in House. The episode of yesterday evening, which ended with the entry of Alex Belli’s wife, threw him into a deep crisis Soleil Rises, your “enemy“. The contestant had a emotional breakdown before taking a long one chat with the wise Kabir Bedi who, with words sorry and honest, invited her to admit the love tried for Alex Belli. Delia said verbatim that she had the confirmation even from her husband who under the covers, he and Soleil would have done “intimate things”.

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«I no longer have the strength to continue on go up all this, I can’t do it. I am exhausted, it is since I came in here that I feel myself being thrown more and more. They told me wickedness and cruel things, I try to have the strength to react but for four months I have been tired in seeing attitudes that make me sick. And then feeling attacked, unwanted by some people, is an immense burdensays Sun to Kabie-“There was one growth of our friendship – he continues -, I don’t know, one shape of love, but respecting that he has his life and I have there my»Soleil explained to the Indian actor, but he has it in part denial, inviting her to tell herself and others the truth.

«This is difficult to understand why you and Alex you have always respected that he is married. But these things happen, the love wins. This is another matter. But if there is love, deep, true, if there is a great feeling between two people, we must respect this too. Leave it legal and moral aspects. For you, it hasn’t been a day, but a few weeks. This it is not friendship, and much more. What happened with Alex was true, profound, the important thing is to admit, it happened like this». The former suitor of Men and Women listened with Attention the words of the Indian that made her think.

Last updated: Saturday 15 January 2022, 12:17